Robert Steele: JFK Jr. Alive (80%) ?

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I keep hearing from multiple sources that JFK Jr. and his wife are not only alive, but an active part of the Trump campaign against the Deep State that assassinated his father and his uncle as well as Martin Luther King and so many others.  So I asked one of my most respected sources this question:

What percentage do you give JFK Jr. and his wife Carolyn still being alive?

This was their answer:

Pretty high. 90%?   With a gun to my head, I’d say alive.

Now this actually tracks with my own conclusion that was influenced early on by the aircraft missing the passenger seat and the door being inside  the aircraft, not at all something that would happen in mid-flight.  So I asked my colleague to elaborate.  Here is what he said.

I thought I knew a ton of detail re: everything about his flight, Coast Guard, helicopters, lots and lots, all the stuff never MSM reported. I thought he did wait the ~45 min in Teterboro for a co-pilot, he’d NEVER flown without one before. I was convinced co-pilot was a Manchurian candidate. Recall William Estabrooks was Chair of Colgate’s psych dept. and later it came out about Estabrooks’ CIA / MK Ultra / connection, could hypnotize assassins without their knowing. Dead man switch was locked DOWN when plane found, CIA opp I’m told.

But BIG stuff didn’t add up.

JFK Jr. never ever had flown without a co-pilot. EVER. Waited to depart at the airport. Zero probability he’d solo at night with wife and sister in law IMHO.  Ships and copters out very early, never reported. 18 year Coast Guard radio guy gone immediately.  Seat gone. FLIGHT LOG GONE FROM DUFFLE BAG, everything else there. Immediate cremation, 18 guests on ship….. no way real cremation in that family me thinks.

~2018-ish I come across Field McConnell and can’t stand waiting for something worth while. Then BOOM, his phone rings, guy off camera, deep Scottish accent asks “is that John John.” Field’s head whips around and daggers come out of his eyes. Speaker tries to cover up error. Either before or after that, Field spoke pretty freely about White Hats finding explosives in the empennage of Jr’s plane. Field would speak of JFK jr., speak of or to Juan, never saying one was the other. 

I start ~ 50 hours of investigation.

I started listening to all Juan O. Savin video speakings; McConnell, Linda McAllister, Carry Cassidy, Jennifer Mac, Roseann Barr, 1 or 2 other hosts. Nothing truly indicative out of those, except, in one short Field call, Juan says he’d seen a 3 mile wide air ship out west at a desert base, and a mile wide ship enter it and said ~ “we have that, that’s our military.” 

While investigating, KellyAnn somebody rants on and on, many videos about Vincent Fusca and Juan O. Savin. What started tipping me were the videos of what appear to be Carolyn and John on either side of Trump at the podium during election rallies, lots of them. It was close ups of Carolyn’s smile that sold me. Then very detailed analysis of her on videos with lip readers (Carolyn speaking to same SS agent), Q’s and other signs that Fusca was signaling in the air. 

There is some other stuff I cannot share for your intended purpose, publication, as it would identify me and my connections to the family. My bottom line: I think he is alive and we are in for a BOOM.


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Why did conspiracy theorists believe that JFK Jr was going to become Trump's new running mate?

Note: JFK Jr. will be 64 in 2024.

20210102: Alert  Reader reports:

It may interest you to know that the Taygeteans also believe JFK Jr. is alive. Gosia posed the question to Aneeka in a recent video, and that was her response.

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