#UNRIG Video (5:42) Joe Biden to Drop Out For Sure, Colin Powell to Replace Him?

Cultural Intelligence

Update and more below  the fold.

UPDATE: Deep Anus (my DNC source) says not Kasich, not Cuban, a “most respected Republican.” That chops Romney and leaves Colin Powell with Elizabeth Warren as VP. Hot steaming shit. I like this because it forces President Trump’s hand on Cynthia McKinney and authentic black leaders (see the cartoon and related list of names and titles below), and #UNRIG election reform act (see the Amazon page second link below).

Lift Every Voice and Sing

Condi Rice is a possibility but Michelle Obama hates her. We are at the end of tyranny.

Original Post:

A combination of a deep penetration of the DNC who did not give up the name, and a report today from USA Today that John Kasich will headline the Democratic National Convention, suggest that the Deep State — which includes the Republican National Committee controlled by the Cheneys and the Romneys — is desperate to defeat Donald Trump and has committed to a “split ticket” with a GOP cross-over such as Kasich as the enabling move. Mark Cuban is another name being floated, we judge Kasich to be more likely.


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