James Corbett: Bill Gates & the Virus — A Report on Crime, Treason, & Perversity

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PLEASE DROP WHAT YOU’RE DOING and watch this incredible 4-part video series produced by independent investigative journalist, James Corbett re: the global corona virus situation and the Gates Foundation. This information is SO IMPORTANT for everyone to understand. The quality of the research and production quality is amazing and you’ll GAIN MORE INSIGHT about what’s up than all the reporting you’ve been exposed to so far, combined. Everything in this series is factual, honest and intended to inform versus misinform, which makes a big difference. After watching, please share the links with all you know and consider donating to keep James Corbett going.

Link to the four videos with transcript notes is – https://www.corbettreport.com/gates.

To skip the transcript notes and just watch the videos, they are all below as embeds.

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