Donald Trump: Shall I Trade Brennan to the Russians for Snowden? Use White House Comment Line to Vote

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Speculation grows over pardon for Edward Snowden after Trump remarks

  • Trump: ‘A lot of people think he is not being treated fairly’
  • Congressman calls for Trump to pardon NSA whistleblower

ROBERT STEELE:  I remain convinced that Snowden was a CIA – Booz Allen smack down of NSA — even the Department of State is not stupid enough to cancel Snowden's passport so he has to remain in Russia — but the bottom line is clear: pardoning Snowden and bringing him home is good optics.

Even better would be to trade John Brennan — clearly a traitor at multiple levels, and also the assistant to Buzzy Krongard in the undeclared illegal economic war against Russia — for Snowden.  Let the Russians deal with Brennan (and Krongard, throw in Tenet for loose change).

NSA is capable of being a national treasure chest. Bill Binney should be back at TSA as a Technical Director reporting directly to President Trump.  We have much to do. I support a pardon for Edward Snowden — perfect end to the perfect op.

If you have an opinion on this matter, please use the White House comment line to have your vote tallied:

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