Mark Steele (UK): 5G Neutralization Not Compelling

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Asked about reports of 5G being neutralized or de-weaponized, top electromagnetic warfare specialist Mark Steele (no  relation) has this to say:

I have heard a lot about this issue, but I see no validity in the claims.. The technical parameters of 5G are focused energy beam waves that carry large packets of modulated data in the compressed beam. The higher the focus the beam the higher the eV value. That causes Ionization a known danger to biology and will ionization of air we breath.. Sun light is a natural wave form and necessary for life, however if I get a large magnifying glass and focus the energy I can weaponize it. That is 5G’s main technical parameter with data compressed toxic waves not natural. So you would have to change the whole technical parameter and it wouldn’t be 5G. So I just don’t get the narrative at all that is can be made safe.

Mark Steele 5G @ Google Search

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