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Alert Reader writes in . . .

Yes! I do have something to pass along.

I’m sure you saw Charles Ward’s excellent video this morning and that we are tuned into many of the same sources.

Truly, we are being shown clearly, as never before, the distinct difference between good and evil.

I have long felt that the more important matters, the weightier matters of law and justice, were not those between right and left (politics), the Right being but a mere subset of the Left — two wings of the same bird.

But rather, what counts is the discernment between right and wrong (ethics).

I stumbled across something earlier last week that I am very, very excited about because it addresses a matter that has been of great interest to me for many decades, actually.

Which is also to say that, as in years past, when mentioning this sort of thing to family and friends, I do not get any traction to speak of, and I am quite used to the fact that often I find myself seated alone at the picnic table, Just recently I picked up a thought (that might have served me well had i put it into practice earlier) from young Dylan Wheeler (Educating Liberals). I only know him through his delightfully clever tweets and from a lengthy interview he gave a few years ago to RedPill 78. Anyway, he once commented: “With family and friends, I just dumb it down.”.

Out of the mouth of babes.

Ordinarily I would have a lot to say about the subject of this video, but I have no idea whether or not you would have any interest at all. Let me just say that I am firmly convinced that we are seeing the end of the postmodern period, an era that effectively convinced people that there was so such real thing as Truth in the Absolute, that when the Truth really does enter into the picture, those so educated CANNOT see nor understand it because they have no enabling belief!

Therefore, they will believe anything as long as it is not true —- fables and fantasies, all of which is fake, phony and false (to borrow Dave X22’s phrase.)

This video suggests the beginning of the end of one such postmodern tall tale.

The Herouni Antenna – The Death of the Big Bang!

Here is one more — amazing! — and not as likely to step on any toes…

Squid Based Material Takes 1 Second To Repair Completely

What a week, huh?

We’re going to have a great day today, tomorrow and beyond…

Many thanks, again, Robert…

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