Robert Steele: Shadowgate – the full film debunked UPDATE with Video

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Shadowgate – the full film debunked

I have watched the entire movie, which is being widely shared as I write this.  You can see the entire movie at no cost here:

My very critical comments debunking this movie are provided below, along with my video short on the matter.

Bottom line: this movie is worth watching.  The good news is that this is totally over-blown.  It completely ignores electromagnetic targeting of specific individuals (both Voice of God and biological attacks) as well as CIA/NSA Mind-Control including traumatic torture that creates split personalities.  Here are three links addressing the high level threats that the movie does not address:

Review: Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told by David Icke

Review: TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE – Social Engineering the Masses by Daniel Estulin — Deep State Playbook

Review: Trance: Formation of America

And then of course you have  the big dog, the book Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & the Deep State, now free online by the chapter plus a tag cloud with all names, visit the website

I was a co-founder of the original Information Warfare Conference with Winn Schwartau, and I wrote one of the first books on INFORMATION OPERATIONS: All Information, All Languages, All the Time. I also wrote the original open source intelligence handbooks for the Defense Intelligence Agency, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the 95th Civil Affairs Brigade (Special Operations Forces). In my view this movie is presenting a worst-case analysis of very corrupt contracting that did not actually result in the outcomes claimed. Tore means well, and she no doubt did work for John Brennan, but John Brennan is a piece of shit who could never in a million years qualify for an executive position with any social media enterprise. All of this is about extremely expensive chicken-shit. Most of it is illegal – Tore could be useful as a witness against Brennan.  Tore’s claims of being able to make people do stuff is in my view total crap. I cannot overstate the FACT that we process less than 1% of all the data we have in hand, or the FACT that we do not have high-speed high-volume sense-making tools at either the desktop or back office points. I served with the Military Information Support Task Force in Afghanistan (MISTF-A) in 2013. MISTF-A was an absolute unmitigated failure in Afghanistan. It could not shape nor predict nor neutralize. I don’t think anything has changed since then.

Now the bad news: NSA really does have it all (including game chats). CIA really does have Vault 7 and can do occasional one of hacks that appear to be Chinese or Russia.  Israel is ten times better than NSA and CIA combined in the cyber manipulation domain, and between them, Israel (Mossad) and MI-6 (UK) do vastly more damage to US mental perceptions than the US Government, China, Russia, and Iran combined.

More bad news: Google really is able to sway millions of voters by manipulating search results. Similarly Facebook and MeetUp (which sponsors 1,087 #RESIST seditionist groups with the Anti-Defamation League) and Twitter and YouTube are all censoring, manipulating, etecetera.

More bad news: The New York Times and others mainstream outlets including Fox and CNN are all full of crap – what they have done with the fake pandemic is most extraordinary.

Even more bad news: Both our schools including universities, and our secret intelligence community, and our government Cabinet agencies, are stupid by design. We are now into perhaps the  third generation of idiots unable to think critically, collect data and discern patterns or detect anomalies, and make evidence-based decisions.

Bottom bottom line: this is a wildly over-blown account of some low-rent contractors pretending to be bad asses. It does not address the much larger issue of the Internet being completely unregulated, untrustworthy, and ineffective at helping people share information or make sense of information. That is the larger crime against humanity.

I have no direct knowledge of the so-called arrests, but they smell to high-heaven as fabricated promotion.

Here is the short video I posted on Sunday about this matter (text is updated).

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