Robert Steele: Is Candace Owens Hurting President Donald Trump Among His Most Critical Demographic, Patriotic Adult Blacks?

Cultural Intelligence

There more I talk to authentic black leaders the more I wonder if Candace Owens is hurting the President with authentic black leaders and grassroot black communities. She is a darling of the white far right.  She is NOT liked by every black I have talked to.

Her past is troubling — within a troubled childhood, she appears to have inspired death threats in high school, dropped out of college, and was a nothing until Charlie Kirk became her intimate and employer.

Now, as I expand my engagement with authentic black leaders — Cynthia McKinney and I co-founded #UNRIG in 2017 and I commissioned the Ben Garrison cartoon below (we may replace Farrakhan with Young Pharaoh) — I am concerned that the President is being made a fool of.

Kayne West does not like her. No one I know in the black community likes her. Indeed, her most recent stunt appears to have been the pulling of random black people into a meeting with the President to demonstrate that she somehow understands or represents authentic patriotic blacks in America.  I am not buying it.

Here are  a few links.  The President is failing to connect to serious black leaders (Reverend Bill Owens for one) and I believe this is because the President is being mis-informed and mis-represented by children who are opportunists funded by passive-aggressive enemies of the President, and far removed from the ground truth of our neighborhoods — black and white and other  — that want to support the President but have no one to  talk to (the GOP is screwing the President at the neighborhood level at the same time).

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