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Reacting to Mongoose: Microsoft Can Destroy Your Life If You Dare to Voice or Type “Hate Speech” (Not Defined) Using “Their” Tools

This is childsplay, there is an abundance of alternatives on par or better than what M$ is providing

Basing on the article we have this list

  • Windows as your computer’s operating system.
  • Internet Explorer or Edge as your browser.
  • Bing as your search engine.
  • Outlook for your email.
  • Word as your writing software.

Now, Lets formulate terrific first class alternatives

Linux: This is by far the toughest to do, change the operating system of your laptop. It will first feel alien but you can get very near to the Windows experience by using Linux mint. The distro has a microsoft like startmenu. If you apply a good windows 10 theme to linux mint,among a few other tweaks. You will get very near the real windows look and feel.

Firefox: This is a no brainer, this is the only big browser that avoids both Microsoft and Google influence. For every addon that you used there is a Firefox equivalent. Often the same plugin brand has a firefox presence.

DuckDuckGo and Qwant: For a plethora of reasons they are the best choice:

Microsoft outlook: there is Thunderbird the email client that replaces the outlook program. There are a variety of options to choose from: Secure ones are Protonmail or others,

Libreoffice is thé goto alternative of Microsoft Office. It can handle all of your microsoft documents, excell, powerpoint files and supports the Open Document Format.

Best of all, all of the above are completely free. and you can publish this with my permission.

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