Stephen E. Arnold: Is Amazon Destroying the US Postal Service?

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Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon: A Burr under a Presidential Saddle?

This may just be an example of how a national scheme plays out on the local level. The Portland Press Herald reports, “Amazon Gets Priority While Mail Gets Delayed, Say Letter Carriers.” Mark Seitz, a Portland postal service veteran and president of the Maine State Association of Letter Carriers and the National Association of Letter Carriers Local 92, filed a complaint on July 13 with the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General. Corroborated by two colleagues, Seitz alleges Portland’s Postmaster James Thornton deliberately delayed first-, second-, and third-class mail by ordering Amazon’s fourth-class packages be sorted first. Willfully delaying mail, it turns out, is a federal offense. Interesting.

Reporter Reuben Schafir informs us:

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