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QUESTIONS FOR 2020-08-01

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1. Any thoughts on why DJT seems not as fiesty when it comes to masks, Fauci, and the CV as a whole? A tactic, finding some truth, or caving in to pressure, something else?
Thanks, Ken.

2. Regarding ITNJ Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse Hearing: As Chief Counsel, what has been the progress of the a Inquiry since 2018?

3. What powers does Trump truly have w/a National and agreed State emergency? Can he force militia into states or forcibly remove governors?

4. Regarding the masks and covid situation, how can we overcome this brainwashing and fear that the majority of people are suckered into believing it?

5. Don't Americans have the right to know what exactly is in a vaccine, and do you think vaccine contents will ever be disseminated to the public?

6. What is Gen. Flynn's status with Judge Sullivan and should POTUS put Gen. Flynn back in the Administration?

7. Language in the news media about how to get rid of Trump if he isn’t the clear winner and doesn’t leave the White House immediately after the election, has begun to sound like there could be a coup. Your thoughts?

8. What exactly is your version of the WrestleMania Playbook that you see as relevant in regards DJT and how do you see this strategy as more effective than anything else? Let the DS show themselves and hang themselves or more??

9. How do you identify sexual traffickers and what ruses are used in religions or churches to make this life style acceptable?

10. Do you have a list for us of all the corrupt nonprofits you know of or know a good place that has compiled a bunch?

11. Regarding pedophilia, Is Trump is too personally compromised to deal the Zionists the necessary death blow?

12. Jerome Corsi's prediction about the Sept. release of a Covid 20 is both credible and terrible. Given what we know about Fauci, Gates, et al, why would this be allowed to occur?

13. #UNRIG could not pass congress without extreme pressure. is this what you envision?

14. Possible cure for Trump's inaction? As a former cia operative I would hope you could suggest novel ways to influence or effect groups to change or change personnel in government, especially those blocking communication to government.

15. You mentioned that the President might have some “world changing” announcements after Sep 1st. Do you have any idea what those announcements might be about?

16. Did anyone read the USMCA 2400 pages before President Trump signed the Pact / Treaty? It looks like another globalist union thing to me.

17. Gold standard, pensions and social security: what are they morphing into?

18. Kissinger has not aged for decades. Is he involved with adrenochrome and pedophelia?

19. Will there be Disclosure of medical advancements for damaged internal organs, loss of vision, hearing, etc?

20. On Biden dropping out: If they're doing it no later than September 16th isn't this rather close to the election and possibly damaging to the dem's chances?

21. Please speak to the status of Nesara/Gesara under this administration.

PLUS interactive last-minute questions for  those participating.

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