#UNRIG The Steele Report Spy Improv Questions

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Here are the questions that will be answered today.

1. In regards to the recent worldwide explosions and fires. Do you think DEW could be the weapon of choice on these? Is this a Deep State attempt to clear evidence and/or lay this all on Iran to try and draw us into a war?

2. Do you have any indication that Israel might be behind the Beirut blast?
3. Since the Boston Marathon False Flag, please estimate how many False Flags have been executed in the United States? Where are they planned and what is an average cost, including payoffs?
4. What exactly is counterintelligence, and why is it also necessary for open source intelligence to be effective?
5. How critical is it for our species to repel the toxic combination of AI and Transhumanism? Can it be realistically challenged at legislative level? If yes, how so?
6. Is remote viewing a tool for intelligent's gathering?
7. Do you think Karen Hudes is credible? She says she is a signer for the Global Debt facility.
8. What are your thoughts on President Trump making an announcement to the American people that the COVID 19 is/was a cover for forced vaccinations sponsored by Gates & Fauci and possibly introducing Dr. Judy Mikovits and her work with the possible consideration of adding her to his team?
9. Why doesn't the President expose the falsehoods on Covid, stop the restrictions that impact the economy and open it up before more damage is done?
10. Do you have any tips or good resources on requesting FOIA's so that it is done correctly?
11. You mentioned on your last video that you would only buy physical gold from an Asian source that has been verified. Would you comment on pre-1933 US minted gold coins such as the double eagles and US minted Silver eagles as legitimate stores of value? Have these also been compromised?
12. Will crypto have any merit in the near and medium term future in economy and finance?
13. Speak to the historical use (versus a new approach) of the Vice President as the “plausible deniability” vehicle for covert intel ops.
14. Given that you have supplied an educational Video to Scott Morrison our Aussie PM does this mean he passes your smell test ?
15. There are numerous reports that arms, arms parts, false ID's et al are being sent to Portland, Chicago and Austin and that a “Tet Offensive” is imminent. Are these reports credible?
16. Can you advise anything about Ireland in terms of their total allegiance to the EU? Do you think ‘The Great Awakening' will filter through to here?
17. I would like to know your “take” on Q Anon and if you think any elites will ever be brought to justice for the pizzagate stuff?
18. After reading Fulford Monday morning and filtering out the alien invasion component, I was struck by the alleged ties between Fauci and Moderna, particularly his assertion that Fauci was the company's first CEO, so I did some basic fact checking. I can't find anything that corroborates this anywhere. Have you seen any verification?
19. Has any reliable evidence been uncovered to confirm that the blast was likely due to some form of tactical nuclear weapon? Have you heard reports of radiation left in the area and/or radiation sickness?
20. I'm thinking that we're being set up for the “Hero of NY” to be subbed for Biden at the last minute possible. That would explain the great fake numbers in NY with no resurgence…etc…Your thoughts?
21. How do we stop mail-in balloting?
22. This being the anniversary of the Snowden breach/leak, give us your take.
23. Julian Assange completed his jail time a bail issue I think in April. He is currently not charged with a crime, according to UK court. How can the UK/USA government get away with jailing a journalist for reporting crimes against a government? Why is Trump allowing?

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