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YouTube Interstellar Mediator 2020 (also French & Spanish)

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This video series is an urgent wake-up call to humanity regarding the coming transformation of our planet from a 3rd density to a 5th density world.  The implications are profound.  The narrator claims to have received this information from 29 different interstellar beings from 2016 – 2020.  She is proposing a 12 step plan of action for 2020 that requires us to change our value systems and let go of any pre-conceived notions.  We need to understand that we are NOT alone in the universe.  She explains how the human race has been manipulated and oppressed by an elaborate control system set in place over 12,000 years ago as a consequence of an interstellar war.  Due to both natural and artificial forces, this control system is fragmenting.  In two years, the illusion we think of as reality will no longer exist.  She provides a fascinating and frightening, but hopeful glimpse into the future of humanity.  We are about to be set free!


The Earth is a spaceship, and we are all responsible for it.  Although there is much chaos, destruction and pain in the world, through love we can change this and restore order to our planet.  It will require a change in our habits, our thinking and our perspective of the world and ourselves.

ACTION 1:  Planetary Action – Trigger Awareness – “The Old Man and the Plane”

Narrator relates the tale of a tribal elder on his first plane ride whose reality is suddenly altered when, due to turbulence, he is thrown from economy class into the first class cabin.  Because of his lack of understanding of technology, he perceives the shaking of the plane and the yellow oxygen masks dropping out of the ceiling as divine intervention.  The difference between first class and economy class are a complete revelation to him.  He believes that his prayers for his tribe have been answered.  This is a metaphor for what will happen when humanity passes from 3rd to 5th density.

ACTION 2.1:  Planetary Action – Preparation – “Life is the Norm in Space”

It is believed that there are 5.6 million species of life on Earth.  NASA has identified 4,160 exoplanets that are habitable.  Therefore, it only stands to reason that life is abundant in the universe, and the anthropomorphic view of Earth is not logical.  According to the narrator, there are actually 400,000 different intelligent human type species in just the 4th quadrant of the Milky Way.  They live to be anywhere from 120 to 1,200 years old.  They have lives much like ours, preparing meals, raising families and playing sports.  They use small space craft to move around and have no need for paved roads.  So why have we been led to believe that we are alone in the universe?  Also, why is the moon stationary?  Why do we only see one side?

ACTION 2.2:  Planetary Action – Preparation – “Society’s Conveyor Belts”

Once again, the narrator returns to the analogy of the old man on the plane.  As passengers, we are only aware of our immediate environment.  We are obliged to follow rules and class restrictions.  The controllers create divisions that maintain the population much like prisoners.  They create entertainment diversions to make life bearable.  We pay money (taxes) for our plane and theater tickets that go to support the controllers.  In the analogy, the old man suddenly proclaims that he has seen angels, and that the plane has an exterior.  Some brave passengers escape from the plane to discover the city of San Francisco shining in the distance.  Looking back, they realize that the “plane” they were on was really the prison island of Alcatraz.

ACTION 2.3:  Planetary Action – Preparation – “The Universal Key” (Part 1)

Where does the feeling of being imprisoned come from?  The history of humanity has been hidden from us.  The control system has instituted a vault around this information, and the key to the vault is inside the vault.  YOU are the key, and only you can free yourself.

ACTION 2.3:  Planetary Action – Preparation – “The Palimpsest” (Part 2)

A palimpsest is a parchment or the like from which writing has been erased to make way for new text.  It is also referred to in psychology as the overwriting of old memories with new ones.  Our emotions, which are the result of our experiences (trauma, joy, etc.) are organized in palimpsests.

With interstellar races, however, there is no layering or palimpsest.  They see all experiences as one unified whole and as part of Source or Consciousness.  Our experiences impact our DNA individually and as part of the human collective.

The narrator uses the iceberg as a metaphor for Consciousness with the visible part (1-5%) representing our conscious or alive attentive state (will, ego, observable reality) and the hidden part of the iceberg (95%) representing our subconscious or alive, deflected attention state (intuition, instinct, inner voice, dreams).  There is also the supraconscious which is our life template.

ACTION 2.3:  Planetary Action – Preparation – “The Holographic Reticulum” (Part 3)

The theme of this episode is unity and synergy.  It is a call to humanity to choose solidarity with each other.  Narrator relates the story of seeing the world through the eyes of a small fly.  She demonstrates how everything in nature is built around the Golden Ratio and is connected to a dynamic reticulum that is always seeking balance, integration and fusion.  She discusses the difference between species with two brain lobes (dolphins, humans) and species with one brain lobe (most ET groups).  Species with two lobes view the world either analytically or creatively, whereas species with one brain lobe have a merged reality.

ACTION 2.3:  Planetary Action – Preparation – “The Universal Key & the Metronome of Love” (Part 4)

When considering Ascension, humans tend to look to external or authoritarian sources for guidance, but this is not necessary.  We can achieve this on our own.  Our DNA is our vault, and we are the key to our own vault.  The metronome symbolizes the balancing of frequencies; it represents duality as it moves from one side to the other.  The goal is to not only achieve balance, but to remove the needle and merge with the whole.

ACTION 3: 5D Ascension – Lifting the Veil – “A Look at the Natural Ascension”

The transition from 3D to 5D will affect all plant and animal life on earth.  Solar flares and cosmic waves will increase terrestrial frequencies and cause radio disturbances and power outages.  Circadian rhythms will be affected, and plant growth will be accelerated.  Humans will experience heightened emotions ranging from fear, depression and anxiety to joy and boundless love.  Some will feel energized while others will feel fatigued and want to sleep.  There will be a greater sense of awareness, colors will be more vivid and all senses will be amplified.  Some will experience greater intuition and become telepathic.  A few will be able to see through the matrix which will cause consternation and panic (landmarks disappearing, Reptilian aliens appearing, etc.)  The transition will not be complete, however, until we completely revise our value system. Whether we are ready for it or not, according to the narrator, 5D is already here!

ACTION 4:  The Moon – Lifting the Veil – “Artificial Anamorphosis”

This episode is a blockbuster.  It contains so much mind-boggling information, it is impossible for a summary to do it justice, but I will try.

The narrator begins by noting that contact between ET races and humans has increased dramatically over the past few decades.  This would appear to be a violation of the Prime Directive which prohibits contact between advanced interstellar races and “lesser races” who are still developing.  There is one exception to the rule, however.  Intervention is allowed if there is an external threat to the native population.  So, does this mean that Earth is facing an external threat?

She then proceeds to reveal the true history of our moon and its relationship to Earth.  Get ready for some stunning revelations!

The moon is the masterpiece of the human matrix and has had a major role in our evolution for 12,000 years.  In ancient times, the Earth did not have a moon.  Our ancestors looked up into the sky and saw the planet Tiamat which they called the morning star.  The narrator goes on to relate the historical events surrounding the appearance of the moon.  Here are some takeaways.

  1. The moon is NOT a natural object. It is an artificial biosphere built by interstellar beings for the purpose of deep space exploration.  It is made of titanium and has many levels.
  2. The moon was brought to the vicinity of Earth 12,000 years ago after a great war that resulted in the  disintegration of the planet Tiamat.  Note:  What we now call the asteroid belt is the remains of Tiamat.
  3. The Andromedans brought the moon in to stabilize Earth and to keep an eye on the alien invaders who had escaped and were in hiding.  The sphere itself had been badly   damaged in the great war.  Eventually an EMF shield was installed around the planet to isolate the invaders.
  4. When we look at the moon, what we see is a holograph. It was designed to disguise the     moon from the native population in accordance with the Prime Directive.  There are thousands of transmitters and projectors on the dark side of the moon controlled by a computer that maintains the illusion to this day.  There are no rocks, seas or craters on the   moon.
  5. The moon has been transmitting the 3D frequency (7.83 Hz) we call the Schumann resonance for thousands of years.  It is amplified by the Van Allen radiation belts and  powered by 12 nuclear reactors located on the moon.  Note:  The Earth was originally a 5D planet (50 Hz), which is the natural resonance of the universe.
  6. The moon has been used as a forward operating base by many races for thousands of years.  It has also been used for off planet human trafficking.  It is now mined for scrap metal by interstellar junk dealers.
  7. Since 2009, the moon biosphere has been completely empty. It is currently maintained by the United Federation of Planets (UFOP).  No one can come in or leave without their permission.

Let us now fast forward to today.  Of the moon’s original twelve (12) nuclear power generators, only four (4) are currently operational, and two (2) are functioning at only 80%.  It is anticipated that ALL of these reactors will cease to function within 2 years.  This will result in the complete breakdown of the control system/matrix that has dominated all life on Earth.  This means that the Van Allen belts will disappear, and the holograph around the moon will no longer exist.  These events, combined with natural forces like solar flares and cosmic waves will have profound consequences for every human being on Earth.  We are in for a brutal awakening.

Most people are not prepared for the changes these events will bring, and some will react violently out of fear and confusion.  THIS is the external threat that Earth is facing and the reason interstellar races are being allowed to intervene at this time.

ACTION 5:  Ishtar – Lifting the Veil – “Ancient History of Humanity”

In this episode, we learn about the origins of the human race and those who came before us.  This is truly an epic tale worthy of a Hollywood movie!

According to the narrator, human interstellar history began several million years ago, but has been erased by trauma and replaced with false collective memories.  Interstellar wars have figured prominently in Earth’s history.  Approximately a million years ago, predatory races from another universe (or time line) invaded the Orion constellation using natural worm holes.  These invaders included a Reptilian species known as the Draconians who eventually made their way to the Vega constellation where they destroyed much of the Lyran population.  The Lyrans fled to other star systems.  One group made it to earth where they established Lemuria 40,000 years ago.

At the time the Lyrans arrived on Earth, there were several sub-species of man, including the Denisovans and the Neanderthals.  Contrary to some sources, these primitive races were not used to genetically engineer the human race.  The fact that their DNA shows up in some human populations suggests that a few of them may have interbred with the Lyrans.  We are directly related to the Lyrans.  Darwin’s theory of evolution and the genetic modification narratives are both false.

The Lyrans established a thriving, peaceful civilization and traded extensively with Tiamat.  Unfortunately, this did not last because the Reptilians followed them to Earth.  The UFOP forces eventually found the Reptilians, and the battle of all battles ensued.  The explosive force of the weapons created shock waves so intense that the entire solar system was nearly destroyed.  Tiamat completely disintegrated, forming the asteroid belt. Mars was partially destroyed and rendered arid.  Mercury was forced into an orbit near the sun, obliterating any hope of life there forever.  The waters of Tiamat flooded both Venus and Earth.  This event, known as the Great Flood, destroyed Atlantis and Lemuria, caused a pole shift on Earth and set off a period of volcanic activity and continental changes.  Eventually, the moon was brought in to stabilize our planet (see preceding section).

After the 3D EMF field was set up and things had settled down, the United Federation of Planets consisting of various ET groups returned to Earth and installed power generators.  These are known as the pyramids.  This was the beginning of the Egyptian civilization.  Not to be outdone, the invading forces returned once again and managed to get through the EMF field.  The UFOP forces suffered terrible losses and had to leave.  They are the ones who are referred to as the “Fallen Angels” as well as the Egyptian and Sumerian gods.

The narrator goes on to tell the story of Ishtar who was one of the “Fallen Angels”.  She appears in the mythology of several cultures and goes by several names including Mary Magdalene.  She was a moon goddess and associated with the concept of creative mother.  She was actually a Pleiadian geneticist and anthropologist who was involved with the liberation of numerous planets and civilizations.  The important thing to understand is that many of the gods of ancient peoples were actually real people!

According to the narrator, the trauma of all these events has impacted human DNA and caused a collective amnesia and PTSD.  The development of both the Lyran and Reptilian lineages on Earth has been hidden from us, but all will soon be revealed.  The control is over.

ACTION 6:  Homo Stellaris – “The New Human”

This episode addresses the renewal of the human identity.  The human race has been robbed of our true identity and cut off from our roots.  When ET races finally make contact with Earth humans, libraries of ancient knowledge and other databases will be made available to us.  This will completely change the way we view ourselves.

Narrator explains how the two prevailing views of the origin of man, creationism and evolution, are incorrect.  Also, from the perspective of interstellar races, there are only 4 billion earth humans (not 7 billion as commonly believed), and only 15% have souls.  The rest are zombies or empty shells.  There are actually 22 different human races.  We have co-evolved simultaneously and in parallel along 22 trees that are not of terrestrial origin.

Therefore, she is proposing a new name for the human race – Homo Stellaris – to go along with our new identity when we pass from 3D to 5D.  This is the first of seven (7) proposals being submitted for us to vote on.  We can find the petition at http://chng.it/vSF2gHFB.


This episode is a petition from the people of Earth asking interstellar races to start revealing themselves by posting photos of themselves online.  Apparently, they cannot do so without our permission, therefore we must vote on this.

From the point of view of interstellar races, the hardest thing for humans to understand will NOT be advanced technology, but that there are so many ET races that look exactly like us! (Note: There are also ET races that look very different). The narrator reveals that she herself was not born on Earth and comes from a highly technologically advanced planet.  Nevertheless, she is human in every way, except she is taller, healthier and will live longer than most of us.

The petition is at http://chng.it/wyYspCT9.  The narrator cautions people not to donate any money when they sign the petition as this goes to Change.org.  She requests nothing, and her work is free to everyone.

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