Yoda: Trump is a Bodhisattva – The Chosen One — The First President Since JFK NOT Controlled by the Deep State and the CIA?

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Alert Reader writes in:

Trump is a genius. He doesn't give a hoot about appearances. He is battling centuries of corruption and they want it all and this is a fight to the death. BLM has spent millions on automatic weapons. All the California fires, year after year are engineered. It's bad. Covid symptoms are from 5G. The vaccine Gates is pushing for, alters the DNA of the recipient. We will have GMO humans very soon if it is not stopped. Trump is what is called a Bodhisattva. Compare that to the serial rapist and murderer Hillary. The satanists will lose but so will our economy IMO. And I am worried they will start a war. Obama was not a president. He was and is a CIA agent as were both Bushes (junior via Cheney) and the Clintons.

Phi Beta Iota: Bodhisattvas are common figures in Buddhist literature and art. A striking theme in popular literature is that of the concealed greatness of the bodhisattvas. In numerous stories ordinary or even distinctly humble individuals are revealed to be great bodhisattvas who have assumed common forms to save others.

ROBERT STEELE: I am increasingly of the view that President Trump has so much control over the individuals comprising the Shadow Government that we are indeed watching a Wrestlemania narrative play out. From Biden to Brennan, deals may have been made that allow them to live in return for playing their role as the “heel” in the narrative.  I am increasingly of the view that President Trump will be re-elected in the Mother of All Landslides  and carry the Senate, the House, and most if not all Governorships.

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