Kerry Cassidy: Directed Energy Weapons and Frequency Travel

Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence
Kerry Cassidy


My theory is what causes Covid19 is frequency.  This is all about Tesla tech (the negative harmful end of the spectrum/ Tesla preferred the positive side**) targeting population centers. The idea of a virus and/or bioweapon is a misdirect but comes into play when they want you to take the injection in order to “cure” the so-called phantom illness that is caused by this invisible tech which is the Tesla tech….targeted…scaler waves directed…These SCALER WAVES have also been shown to cause California fires (DEW) and Earthquakes, and hurricanes (weather wars) etc.   It appears that it is all about the size and intensity of the waves that determine the effect.  And the effect is RADIATION which creates a “corona effect” around the cells leading to typical radiation sickness…flu-like symptoms.

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Phi Beta Iota: The author has also discussed the manner in which advanced civilizations use frequency tuning to achieve instantaneous time and space navigation.

Captain Mark Richards has talked with me about the process as any ship’s captain would and he goes into a great amount of detail in some of his writings on this regarding how to navigate from one place to another and going interdimensional and super luminal. Interestingly, he talks of how ships captains have navigated the seas here on Earth as being very useful when navigating travel among the stars and this is in fact why it is the NAVY and not the Air Force that was put in charge of building our interstellar craft.

They say energy is not created or destroyed but only changes form. And this is a lot like saying that all that is ever shall be…. Any Native American will tell you all time is simultaneous. We only perceive it as happening in a linear sequence of events one might think for the purpose of understanding the game of life on Earth. How we perceive doesn’t change the ETERNAL nature of it.

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