Mongoose: The Satanic Fifth Column – Cartels, “Dreamers,” and LGBT Losers . . .

Cultural Intelligence

There is a difference between those with integrity including Dreamers and LGBT individuals with the best of intentions, and the losers who embrace Satanic rituals in the false belief that it empowers them and makes them in some way superior to those who cherish faith, family, and freedom.

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This is a representative book that helps understand how the Mexican cartels — in alliance with the Presidential Crime Families (Bush-Cheney, Clinton, Obama) and Satanic elements in the CIA and FBI and DHS — with the active assistance of UK and Zionist Israel intelligence — are hoping to further subvert the USA. These people are enemy combatants. After a proper counterintelligence study they need to be eliminated without delay. This book is being used as a “teaser” for recruiting seriously damaged and stupid people into the ranks.

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