Review (DVD): The Forecaster — About Martin Armstrong, CIA-Deep State Takedown of Russia, CIA-FBI Framing of Martin Armstrong

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6 Star — Deep State-DOJ-CIA-FBI Coffin

I watched this video very carefully. I have come to three conclusions:

01 The Deep State with full complicity of the CIA and the FBI carried out an economic war against Russia in the 1990's that led to the take down of  Republic Bank and Martin Armstrong.

02 The CIA and the FBI framed Martin Armstrong and put him in jail for 12 years because he was insisting on access to the recorded tapes known to exist that would have exonerated him and because he refused to turn over the source code for his  forecasting model.

03 It is the government that is running ponzi schemes and off budget gold operations (as well as trafficking in children and drugs).

This movie, in my view, fully and completely vindicates Martin Armstrong and indicts all government players, including Judge Owen, for treason.

Shades of Mike Flynn, John Kiriakou and so many others.

I am sick of this bullshit.  While the vast majority of US Government employees are good people trapped in bad systems we have some major traitors, elite pedophiles, Satanists, and totally criminal white and black collar assholes destroying the country.  I pray Donald Trump is dealing with this.  I am not sure.


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