Penguin: Open Source Architecture Discovered — Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) Still Unrecognized

#OSE Open Source Everything

The chattering class has slightly expanded its understanding of open source.

Is open source architecture’s digital disruption?

The open-source movement could not only disrupt architecture but also help solve the global housing crisis.

ROBERT STEELE:  I pioneered one of the first opens, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) while Richard Stallman was pioneering open source software (he prefers the term free software), and went on to write the first major book The Open Source Everything Manifesto in 2012, followed years later by REINVENTING ENGINEERING in which I clearly identify the nine major open source domans and twenty-seven open source domains shown below.

An Open Source Agency (OSA) such as has been approved  twice by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is needed to “jump start” public and private innovation. The timeline of my failed revolution is below.

1988 USMC Intelligence Center established, Robert David Steele founds modern discipline of OSINT

1988 Commandant of the Marine Corps publishes article calling for increased attention to OSINT

1990 Dutch military intelligence establishes first OSINT unit, forbids classified collection if OSINT can do

1992 USMC proposes alternative National Intelligence Topics for OOTW/GWOT using OSINT

1992 DDCI agrees to keynote conference on OSINT – CIA demands that USMC shut down the conference

1992 Community Open Source Program Office (COSPO) established

1993 Scotland Yard establishes world’s first LEA OSINT Centre

1995 In Aspen-Brown benchmark exercise on Burundi, US IC smashed by OSINT in 24 hours, six calls

1996 Government Information Quarterly publishes a Special Feature on creating a Smart Nation

1997 JMITC OSINT Handbook published

1997 CINCSOC briefed, creates J-26 which immediately solves 40% of all SOF EEI with 22 people, $5M

1997 CINCENT goes on record as saying secret sources and methods provide “at best” 4% of need

1997 Aspin-Brown calls for DCI to pay greater attention to, and provide more funding for, OSINT

1997 DCI Study The Challenge of Global Coverage concludes $2B a year needed for OSINT – censored!

1998 COSPO proposes Consolidated Open Source Program, DDCI/CM refuses to allow this to happen

2000 OMB ADD/NS briefs DD/OMB who agrees that an OSA is needed at IOC $125M, FOC $2B

2000 NATO/PfP flags for military intelligence briefed on OSINT

2001 NATO OSINT Handbook published out of SACLANT (today ATC)

2002 NATO OSINT Reader published out of SACLANT (today ATC)

2004 Department of State hosts OSINT briefing, standing room only in largest auditorium.  INR blocks

2004 SOF Civil Affairs Brigade sponsors draft SOF OSINT Handbook

2004 9/11 Commission includes OSA on pages 23 and 423 (added at 0300, no text, SES blood shed)

2005 Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Open Source created, abolished within two years

2006 National Defense Authorization Act requires Department of Defense to establish OSINT program

2006 OSINT conference series concludes with 750 international speakers, 7,500 trained over 15 years

2007 OSINT chapter included in definitive five volume study of strategic intelligence

2007 Amazon receives capstone briefing on OSINT and need to create all-source processing cloud

2009 USDI receives OSINT Leadership & Staff briefings; DoD offers $2B/Year to SOCOM, they decline

2010 OMB ADD/NS confirms OMB support for OSA at $2B/year contingent on Cabinet or WH demand

2010 Robert Steele interviewed for DISL DH DIA, writes HUMINT monograph cleared by DoD and CIA

2012 The Open Source Everything Manifesto published, lists 60 opens relevant to GWOT/OOTW

2014 IEEE recognizes potential of OSINT as a source of national information power, publishes article.

2016 Danish Ministry of Defence hosts conference on OSINT Done Right, NATO toys with Centre

2016 Donald Trump elected President of the United States of America, not happy with US IC

2017 Recognition of Internet censorship and data manipulation widespread, need for Web 3.0 seen

2019 REINVENTING ENGINEERING: The Ultimate Hack published

2019 OSA proposed to White House, being ignored – OSA triples POTUS public power.


PRINT: Steele, Robert, REINVENTING ENGINEERING: The Ultimate Hack — Creating a Prosperous World at Peace with Open Source Everything (Amazon CreateSpace, Earth Intelligence Network, 2020).

KINDLE: Steele, Robert, REINVENTING ENGINEERING: The Ultimate Hack — Creating A Prosperous World at Peace with Open Source Everything Engineering (Trump Revolution Book 47) (Amazon Kindle, Earth Intelligence Network,

PRINT: Steele, Robert, REINVENTING INTELLIGENCE: 30 Years in the Wilderness (Trump Revolution 46) (Amazon CreateSpace, Earth Intelligence Network, 2019).

KINDLE: Steele, Robert, REINVENTING INTELLIGENCE: 30 Years in  the Wilderness (Trump Revolution Book 46) (Amazon Kindle, Earth Intelligence Network, December 2019).

PRINT: Steele, Robert, REINVENTING NATIONAL SECURITY: Grand Strategy, Global Reality, and the U.S. Army — Everything Our President Is Not Being Told (Trump Revolution 45) (Amazon CreateSpace, Earth Intelligence Network, November 2019).

KINDLE: Steele, Robert. REINVENTING NATIONAL SECURITY: Grand Strategy, Global Reality, and the U.S. Army — Everything Our President Is Not Being Told (Trump Revolution Book 45) (Amazon Kindle, Earth Intelligence Network, November 2019)

Now here is the end game in two parts: eliminate all waste and excess profit on the one hand; and achieve a permanent revolution in the mind of man such that we create Smart Nations, a World Brain, and a prosperous world at peace.

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Steele, Robert with Nafeez Ahmed. “The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1%,The Guardian, June 19, 2014.

Steele, Robert (2012). The Open-Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth, and Trust, North Atlantic Books, June 5, 2012. 240 pages. KINDLE $8.76, PAPER $10.53.

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