Review: The Five Lessons of Life by Carrie Kohan — Includes Two Near Death Experiences (NDE)

5 Star, Consciousness & Social IQ
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5 Stars — Sad Life Story Uplifting Lessons

This is a relatively short book, a lot of white space, that is an easy evening read and absolutely worthwhile for anyone seeking to be a better person going forward in life.

Bottom line up front:

  1. Forgiveness
  2. Compassion
  3. Trust
  4. Faith
  5. Unconditional Love (and Gratitude

The authenticity and foundation for the conclusion of the book are provided by a simplified version of the author's life story that starts with lost parents, orphanages, abuse, and a reading disability. A life centered on being an attractive actress in both films and television commercials degenerated into alcoholism and all that comes with it.

Two Near Death Experiences (NDE) and the encounters with spiritual beings, the first very dark, the second very live, provide the secret sauce for this international best seller.

A combination of spiritual reinforcement and finding — being guided  to — a happy house  with no alcohol, vegetarian, with a thriving flock of artists — led the author to her present state, where she is an author and coach and lead figure in the Villa Heaven Retreat Center in Portugal (near the ocean).

When her own daughter was almost abused the author became a champion for educating the public about pedophilia and the threat pedophiles pose to children, and was enormously successful in championing over ten laws in Canada.

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Complexity and Resilience (200)
Consciousness & Social IQ (300)
Cosmos & Destiny (39)
Democracy (277)
Electoral Reform USA (17)
Environment – Solution (161)
Information Society (260)
Intelligence – Collective and Quantum (120)
Intelligence – Public (341)
Intelligence – Spiritual (13)
Intelligence – Wealth of Networks (91)
Leadership (84)
Nature, Diet, Memetics, & Design (259)
Philosophy (166)
Religion and the Politics of Religion (133)
Survival & Sustainment (132)
Technology – Biomimicry and Clean (37)
True Cost and Toxicity (158)
Truth and Reconciliation (120)
Values, Ethics, Sustainable Evolution (334)
Voices Lost (Indigenous, Gender, Poor, Marginalized (242)
Water, Energy, Oil, Scarcity (120)

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