Robert Steele: General Mike Flynn’s Family Message, Exoneration At Hand

Corruption, Law Enforcement

General Flynn’s Family Releases Statement Following Release of New Evidence of Massive Corruption by Obama-Biden DOJ Targeting Gen. Flynn

ROBERT STEELE: It has been my honor and pleasure to facilitate Sidney Powell's access to NSA data that broke this case open by showing DoJ and FBI traitors that we have it all.   The President is now ready to roll against all targets.  Red October!

Q Drops are increasingly important and highly recommended.

What did we learn this week?
1. Check Gmail?

ES is evidently Eric Schmidt who  resigned from Google, rather than Emmet Sullivan, who I expect to finally concede that General Flynn has been fully exhonerated.   Shared gmail accounts using gmail drafts not sent was CIA's seriously stupid little trick that backfired on everyone.  We have it all.

There are three heroes in this story. Their names are Mike Flynn, Bill Binney, and Sidney Powell. NSA has it all — including all the dirty money transactions. President Donald J. Trump is now ready to roll.


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