Robert Steele: Time Travel Disclosure Coming Soon?

Extraterrestial Intelligence

I am increasingly persuaded that travel in time and space has been done and continues to be done with frequency modulation. My admiration for people like Thomas Bearden, Joseph Farrell, David Icke, and David Wilcok is deep. While I have no direct knowledge, all indicators I am observing — including the many non-fiction books I have reviewed and the growing media coverage of extraterrestrial and time travel matters, all point to a massive disclosure by President Donald Trump in his second term. Free energy, anti-gravity and anti-aging, and my special favorite, growing new limbs for are veterans, are all, in my view, on the table.

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Now, the below is from a figure who is both provocative and dubious.

Donald J. Trump as a DARPA-CIA Time Travel Pre-Identified US President: Evidence, Implications & Public Interest Litigation

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