Steven Vervaecke: Microsoft to Become Linux?

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I notice a VERY curious and intresting covert evolution in Microsoft.

A few weeks ago i was listening to a video i stumbled upon through the KP blog. The guy in it said Microsoft was taken over by the white hats, by the Alliance. At the time this seemed like a very wild statement not based upon reality, so i dismissed it for myself.

Now i am walking back my statement in hindsight. Why? I came across this

Eric S. Raymond: Is Microsoft Switching To a Linux Kernel That Emulates Windows?

This is a very exciting and wild thinking line. And it might hold more truth than first suspected if you see some other puzzle pieces that microsoft did recently. In fact, now that i think of it, they have been working on this for quite some time! holy crap!

Lets view some of the pieces

  1. Linux Subsystem Files To Become Accessible via Windows File Explorer
  2. Windows 10's Linux Kernel Is Now Available
  3. Microsoft Launches Windows Terminal 1.0, Unveils GPU Support and Linux GUI Apps in WSL

This is where it gets exciting:

WSL 2 In Windows 10 Now Supports Mounting Linux Filesystems Like EXT4

WSL literally means Windows Subsystem for Linux , so translated: windows subservient to linux

We have Microsoft dropping the proprietary engine of Edge to move to Chromium based Edge entirely. Also a linux based project. At first i decried this heavily yes, as it puts way too much power into Google for everything web-related. I am still thinking this. It would have been better to adopt the Firefox engine. But this paints a bigger picture.

And in light of this chrome thing, today i also see this:

Microsoft Updates Edge With New Features To Challenge Chrome

Is Microsoft trying to one up Google on Chrome? Or perhaps laying the greenfield to take over the chromium project entirely?

I looked up the announcement and it said it is contributing to the Chromium project and it will aid in ARM64 compatibility and accessibility features among other tings. It has devoted a considerable team on this. It is certainly a possibility.

Also this curiosity:

Bored Developer Creates ‘DOS Subsystem For Linux'

So what are the implications of a windows shell on linux future? Freedom?! Does this really signify a whitehat operation and a transformation of Microsoft to the benefit of humanity and an alliance asset?

Does windows becoming open source linux signify the end of the spy practices we come to associate Windows with? The end of being a asset of the surveillance grid? Does this also mean AI will be stripped from Windows and relieve windows users from the rogue AI signal?

One clue can be this?

Elon Musk, Others, Criticize Microsoft's Exclusive License for OpenAI's GPT-3

Microsoft trying to overtake Elon in the openAI company, with a opensource license? Could Elon have switched sides and now be against the Alliance?

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