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1. What is a good way to submit reports on wrong doing to the federal authorities without it being mishandled but resolved in the correct way?

2. Are you still confident that DT has a handle on the mail-in voting issue and will make it a non issue before the ballots are out?

3. Loved your interview with the two Charlies. What are your general thoughts on their credibility?

4. Trump said, in his RNC speech, “And we will win the race for 5G”. Assuming he wins the election, where do you think he stands on implementation & dangers of 5G?

5. In the U.S. there have been many extrajudicial killings – often disguished as suicides, like Michael Hastings, Seth Rich, Gary Webb, etc. What groups are powerful enough to be able to carry out these killings and not be brought to justice?

6. Any thoughts about the supply chain squeezing us in the near future?

7. I just read this article: “Fauci went to Congress and raised billions on dollars for his Mossad cell at NIAID” — Physician Immunologist Whistleblower. Do you think substantial action, such as an investigation will be triggered from the whistle blower info?

8. Lynnete Zang says that digital dollar is on the way. What say you?

9. Is the anal personality and a difficult toilet training, MacArthur, Hitler, Gates, behind the elite's compulsion to control us? Or would it be those without love and feeling are driven to inflict pain?

10. Have you ever heard of the original 13th amendment, ratified by three quarters of the states, Virginia being the last one in 1819. T.O.N.A. (Titles of Nobility Amendment)?… If true, it would nullify a significant portion of laws in the U.S.. It has never been overturned. Your thoughts, please.

11. What can the “Constitutional Sheriffs” (a la Sheriff Mack) do to help ? What can we do to support them.

12. I expect you have experienced many synchronicities in your life that have brought you to where you are today; is this true? And if so, can you share some of your own synchronicities?

13. Regarding Ishtar and moon, why should advanced civilizations need to utilize nuclear reactors?

14. Where do you think the Judges, appeals court are headed with the delay of justice for General Flynn and what are effects on future cases ?

15. If Bill Gates has been ‘flipped,' wouldn't the Satanists learn about that and have Gates eliminated?

16. Do you think the idea that the reset we are facing relates to the breakdown of the moon matrix should be taken seriously?


18. How would you comment on the fact that over the past 5 years 100 holistic doctors died mysteriously across the usa : is it coincidence or not?

19. Hi Robert, is there anything you know about how the situation in Switzerland will evolve during the next 30-90 days, with regard to Covid actions, NWO projects/pressure…?

20. Do you know why Chuck Baldwin is so adamantly against President Trump? We have supported Chuck in the past. Do you recommend following him?

21. Is weather modification really done by lasers from satellites? Could they possibly have that much energy stored, or are they getting (re)charged from directed energy beams and are more of a transfer device?

22. You mentioned that the populist movement behind Bernie Sanders is Left of Center, and are much closer to those who are Right of Center; as Independents and Libertarians, along with #UNRIG, how can we bridge this gap?

23. Given the recent motion to dismiss by Chauvin's lawyer noting the the knee on the neck was in Mn Police train manual & autopsy showed no tissue damage to neck, would your reasonable assessment be that we can be looking at yet another excuse for nationwide riots based on these motions once this gets out? Judge said to rule on motion Sept 11th.

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