Vincent Boccarossa: Deep State

Cultural Intelligence

“Deep State Infiltration”

by Vincent Boccarossa  c2020

In this dynamic and yet diabolical period in human history, there are both truths being uncovered as well as lies and propaganda being aired across the mainstream media channels.  This “subtle” form of mind control began using the TV as a delivery system in the 1940’s, and we now have several generations of people (including our oldest members of society, the “Silent Generation;” born 1928-1946) who have been watching the tube for their entire lives including the news, the shows, the commercials, sports and movies, all of it; granted, some people watch less, others opt out, and some people find alternative news sources or use books to educate and entertain themselves.  When a coronavirus flu or a 9-11 event occurs, the ability to hypnotize and gain compliance by the masses is fairly easy to do; regardless if the event was coordinated, designed, fabricated, manufactured or another false flag used to generate fear, panic, hysteria, separation and in the most extreme cases, a draconian-like martial law.  Many educated individuals realize that the deep state cabal and their warped new world order plan is directly and indirectly being challenged by millions of people from all around the planet, and with access to the Internet it may soon become billions of people challenging a very tiny elite few and their “loyal” blackmailed and mind-controlled minions.

In Antony Sutton’s book America’s Secret Establishment he shows how the public education system was created to keep the “masses” in a herd-like, indentured slave mentality.  Young people were not given the proper tools to think for themselves, problem solve effectively or use critical thinking to discern truth from false.  It was an insidious development that began in the mid-19th century using secret societies, universities and elite monies.  Sutton made an interesting point noting that certain private and parochial schools did not adhere to these teaching methods.  The education of the younger generations is paramount to ensuring that we have an educated populace that can think, problem solve and discern true from false.  When one looks deeper into the history of the cabal, it becomes apparent that they have been allowed to infiltrate all key areas of society including the public education system, the media channels, and Hollywood.

The cabal did a coup on the U.S. financial system in 1913 by establishing the Federal Reserve, which Edward G. Griffin lays out masterfully in his book The Creature from Jekyll Island; it was actually the third Bank of the United States, but they needed a better name that sounded like a government institution because in truth they were a cabal of bankers with no oversight whatsoever.  The history of economics in the U.S. is an intriguing study from the First Bank of the United States formed in 1791 (with a twenty-year charter) to the Second Bank established in 1816 (with a twenty-year charter), which was dissolved in 1834 during Andrew Jackson’s second term as president.  Then there was the Civil War with Lincoln creating the Greenback; after the war, Lincoln was assassinated and the Greenback was gradually devalued and put out of circulation.  In the decades leading up to 1913 and the formation of the Federal Reserve, the bankers held tight to the “gold standard” while others championed the “silver movement;” the debates were vicious and the bankers eventually banded together creating an international monopoly.  It was the same cabal of bankers who then orchestrated the Great Depression forcing FDR to “make a deal” with multinational corporate interests and the military-industrial complex; it did put people back to work, but what were the hidden costs of the deal and who really won in the end?  By the 1970’s Nixon was being pressured to pay back foreign debts in gold, so he retaliates by completely taking the dollar off of the gold standard.  It is soon replaced by the petrodollar and our relationship with Saudi Arabia and the Middle East takes on an even greater significance.  The numerous wars associated in part because of oil rich countries has been cleverly designed by this elite cabal leaving death, destruction, and massive debt behind them; I restate that, the debt keeps compiling and getting larger.  Most people now realize that the 2008 bailout to the banks was yet another coup by the cabal bankers to consolidate wealth and keep the debt-inflated dollar in place.  We now have a dollar worth about two cents and the entire system needs to be overhauled; a global reset like NESARA/GESARA is the counterplan to do just that; however, it is imperative that these cabal bankers are brought to justice and that we put an end to their corrupt monopoly over the global money system using the Vatican Bank, the City of London, the Federal Reserve, the IMF, the BIS, the World Bank and Wall Street as conduits into nearly every country.  Forgive the cliché, but their party is over.

The cabal did a coup on health back in the early 20th century by creating the American Medical Association (AMA) and going into business with chemical and pharmaceutical companies to form the drug industry; they also infiltrated specific universities to breed doctors with a “superiority-complex” discounting and defaming centuries of holistic healing, herbal remedies and the truth about proper nutrition.  The doctors were taught that pharmaceutical drugs were the way of the future.  What is most disconcerting is how this medical foundation has grown into some gnarly bones of contention including the World Health Organization, the eugenic programs and vaccinations (Gates and Fauci deserve “credit” for their crimes against humanity), population control both in deaths or through forced concentration camps, lock downs, and other fake pandemics, as well as a highly lucrative and profitable racket involving big Pharma, insurance companies, and the entire apparatus of the medical-chemical-complex.  As Thomas Jefferson so eloquently expressed, “If people let government decide which foods they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

In a free Republic we should have access to the best of all worlds in regards to our health including modern medicine, emergency procedures, herbal remedies, knowledge on nutrition and a basic understanding of body detoxification and physical hygiene.  It then becomes an individual choice to care and maintain the body or not versus being forced to comply or coerced by a doctor and medical establishment that claims to know what’s best for a person’s overall health; which also includes the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person and not just the physical body alone.  The cause of a specific “dis-ease” often goes much deeper than the symptoms and to fully heal comes through a process of introspection, forgiveness of self and others, and by nurturing a relationship within to one’s true essence.  If the captain of this vessel is the soul, then it is my job as the first mate to receive my “orders” from the captain and keep my crew in line; if my vessel is in need of repair, then I may choose to see a doctor or a dentist or an herbalist/nutritionist or do a cleanse or whatever is necessary; once again it is about education, experience, and the sharing of knowledge while preserving our inalienable human rights in the process.

The cabal infiltrated and further expanded the military-industrial complex using projects like “Operation Paperclip” to bring Nazi scientists and officers into the U.S. and installing them into NASA, secret space programs, mind control programs and various other covert experiments.  This is another rabbit hole that deserves attention and is explored in the films Above Majestic, The Cosmic Secret and Unacknowledged; these films require a more open mind and are paving the way toward more disclosure on such topics; other books and testimonies are shedding light on this subject including Stephen Greer’s Disclosure Project, David Wilcock’s The Source Field, Michael Salla’s Exopolitics and Randy Cramer’s research.  The ongoing budgets for these hidden and sometimes underground programs is in the trillions of dollars and are unaccountable; it is another reason why the cabal trades in drugs, arms, people and children, in order to fund such programs that are deliberately not on the books.  As Ghandi so succinctly reminded us, “secrecy is the enemy of freedom” and for the deep state cabal secrecy has been their modus operandi all along.

It is no secret that the cabal has always sought to maintain control through “divide and conquer” tactics including the U.S. Civil War, through race, creed, and color, through gender, politics and economics, and definitely through the printing press and the mainstream media channels.  It is an age old philosophy that needs to be challenged by educating people, by inspiring others to do the same, by rising above the racism and hatred used against us, and by realizing how wars for profit need to demonize some country or group in order to make it a “legitimate and palatable” war for the people to swallow hook, line and sinker.  The vast amount of monies and resources spent on wars in the twentieth century could have been much better used to create sustainable, productive and prosperous countries all around the world; a vision that many people carry with them and share equally within their heart for humanity.

It is obvious that the cabal has infiltrated politics and continues to do so.  What is most disconcerting is how they’ve manipulated the U.S. constitutional framework into a one-party, two-party political paradigm; which allows them to maintain control over the system and at the same time divide people along left and right politics.  Robert David Steele and Cynthia McKinney created #UNRIG which is designed to reform our election process; both Robert and Cynthia are true patriots who support our original blueprint, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  It is necessary to re-educate the populace politically in order to see through the propaganda and wade through all the lies that are warping the minds of the people both in the U.S. and worldwide; Steele’s proposal of a two-way Truth Channel for the president is a brilliant idea and his extensive list of book reviews is available online at among other valuable links.

I think one of the main reasons that people have become disinterested in politics is the mainstream media’s fifth grade programming that creates apathy, division, and has gradually indoctrinated many people into a not-so-comfortable conformity.  It is also the lack of follow through from one administration to another, Left or Right, and how the deep state cabal often thwarts the best intentions of a particular president.  Former CIA officer Kevin Shipp did a slide show presentation outlining the shadow government and the deep state revealed in his book From the Company of Shadows; that President Trump is battling this deep state both in the U.S. and globally is worth noting and I encourage people to do further research.  It is now becoming clear that the pedophile network and other blackmailing methods used by certain groups have kept many good people in government trapped in a corrupt and infiltrated system.  People like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are prime examples of Congressmen who kept their integrity while working in the swamp and still serving their country.  Not only is it time to drain the swamp, it is time to expose the cesspool existing at the highest levels of this global elitist pyramid of power and “to cut the head of the snake.”

As I just mentioned above, the cabal’s infiltration into politics includes a pedophile network that is worldwide in scope and has been in place for many decades.  The CIA’s own MK-Ultra and Monarch programs were an aspect of this as well as select people within the music industry, Hollywood, elite ruling family bloodlines, the Vatican and Catholic church, the Mormon church, and unfortunately the list goes on and on.  The documentary film Out of Shadows illuminates on this topic and reveals how deep state operatives have infiltrated mainstream media and Hollywood elite circles.  Author Joaquim Hagopian’s book Pedophilia @ Empire:  Satan, Sodomy, and the Deep State ( is a comprehensive deep dive on this subject; he has personally worked with sexually-abused adolescents and pulls no punches going at the jugular of the cabal.  When I first read Cathy O’Brien’s story Trance Formation of America (1995) a year after it was published, I was blown away by what she experienced and it sent me down several rabbit holes.  These same rabbit holes are now becoming streams of knowledge and tunnels of truth revealing the true covert actions and CIA-labeled “conspiracy theories” that have been going on.  These pedophile networks are one of the lynch pins to dismantle the deep state cabal and place many of its’ key players in prison; this too is long overdue and a necessary action that is beginning to finally materialize thanks to President Trump, his executive orders, and his trusted allies within the military.

If I step back and review our current state of affairs, the last hurdle that we face is the mainstream media channels and the cabal’s control over these networks.  There are those who have the truth, some more than others, and knowledge is freely shared through alternative media sources, through the Internet and with books; however, to make a difference across the broadest spectrum of humanity, it is necessary for these disclosures to happen on a mass scale across mainstream channels.  In my humble opinion, the first thing that must be fully disclosed is the truth about this “coronavirus” and the pandemic hoax surrounding it (including the truth about 5G and the proper use of this technology); then we must end this economic lock down, end the social distancing, end this preposterous mask wearing, all of it; which then implicates main players like Gates and Fauci, and brings the “mandatory” vaccination agenda into the light of day exposing more corruption and cover-ups and multi-billion dollar money trails.  The second disclosure is the pedophile network, which is in progress and needs to go further and into the highest levels of this global cabal.  The third disclosure is the corrupt banking system and the end of a two-century stranglehold by the international cabal bankers; paving the way for a global economic reset of epic proportions.  The fourth disclosure is the secret space programs, ET’s and other advanced technologies that have been hidden from the public for nearly a century.  The fifth disclosure is the events of 9-11 before, during and after with a thorough presentation debunking the debunkers once and for all and holding all key players accountable, specifically VICE-president Dick Cheney.  The sixth disclosure is documented evidence of “draining the swamp” at both the state and federal levels of the government; and a list of atrocities committed by deep state operatives within the intelligence agencies and the military as far back as feasibly possible; as well as immediately implementing Robert David Steele’s #UNRIG for election reforms.  The seventh disclosure is a renaissance in consciousness regardless of one’s creed or color or religion, uniting people everywhere through their hearts and their individual souls for the betterment of this planet, our beloved Earth Mother, that we all share with the minerals, the plants, the animals and with each other.  May nothing be done to harm the children goes without saying, but it appears it needs to be said again as a reminder to all generations past, present and future.

In conclusion, it is clearly obvious that we the people (both in the U.S. and around the world) are in a battle against a Zionist/Fascist/Marxist state or what they’ve been calling a new world order for several decades.  Over two hundred years ago we battled a corrupt monarchy and created a free Republic with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights; the revolution we are in today is much different in design and in no way reflects the anarchy of paid dissidents causing chaos in the streets.  It will be a revolution within the larger evolution of consciousness that is presently occurring on this planet; the seeds we are now planting may take three years to mature or thirty years or even three hundred years; however, those seeds will grow and all individual souls will gradually evolve returning to campus Earth for further studies and more lifetimes of learning.

I could close this essay in many ways, but then I came across this passage from Treason: The New World Order (1996) in my book reviews.  Although published twenty-four years ago, it seems appropriate as another reminder of how a coordinated, cleverly concealed and well-orchestrated agenda by an elitist international cabal can destroy republics and even attempt to enslave an entire world’s population.

(p.41) “While many dismiss the view of a corporate elite creating a one world government as left or right wing extremisms, the reality is that the new world order is increasingly here. While most people ignore the motives behind the coming one world government, and some debate whether or not such a government is coming and if there is a conspiracy, the new world order is unfolding before our eyes.  You don’t have to believe what I and others write; study the literature noted above and the laws passed by Congress and other governments.

     Stopping the corporate traitors from establishing a world dictatorship is the foremost issue of our time.  Many of the concerns people have today from labor rights, to ending abortions, to having a balanced budget however important these issues are will be irrelevant if we live in a police state.  Many conflicts in our society have been deliberately created to divert the people’s attention so the corporate elite can quietly and gradually shift this Republic into a world dictatorship.  However, with many people awakening to these plans and a freer flow of information, I believe the one world government dictatorship will never occur.  In the end, the new world order crowd will join Hitler’s Third Reich in the ash heap of history.”

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