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Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence

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Summary and Link to Transcripts Below the Fold

Tip of the Hat to Ann Delap for very good work here.

So far I have watched 18 of the Cosmic Agency videos – at this rate, it will take me 2 months to catch up to the current ones.  Talk about going down a rabbit hole – this thing is absolutely mind-boggling!  I will never be the same again – I blame you for this!  Here are some takeaways.

  1. Earth is presently surrounded by a blockade of Federation ships that are here to entrap the Cabal and negative ET races.  They are also guarding portals to keep the negatives from coming in or leaving.  The Federation ships rotate in and out – just like Earth military forces do when on assignment.  For a time, the Blue Avians/Sphere Being Alliance were enforcing the blockade (just like Corey Goode said).  They have since left and have been replaced by the Taygeteans from the Pleiades.
  2. We are living in a matrix within a matrix.  In 3D, we can see 1st density (rocks, minerals), 2nd density (animals, plants) and 3rd density (humans) entities, but nothing beyond that.  Occasionally, people will get a glimpse of the lower 4th density because the control system is weakening.  This is where what we call the paranormal resides, i.e. ghosts, fairies, trolls, monsters, Reptilian races, etc. (This is why things are going to get dicey as we pass from 3D into 5D).  These things have always been with us, we just haven’t been able to see them.  Even 5D is a type of matrix, but it is not under the control of the Cabal.  Many of the people we encounter everyday are NOT real people – they are part of the holographic illusion of our personal experience.  They have no souls.  Buildings in large cities and people walking down the street are mostly an illusion. However, Nature, for the most part, is REAL.
  3. Clones are being used extensively in our world today.  There are clones of world leaders, celebrities, CEOs of major corporations (Mark Zuckerberg) and others with influence.  The Cabal knows how to ”hack” into the mind and separate the consciousness from the body.  The consciousness can then be placed into a new avatar or clone OR they can put another person’s consciousness into someone else’s body!  The clones, however, do not always behave in a predictable way – they say improbable things, have “seizures” or inexplicable body movements (Hillary Clinton? Elon Musk? Louis Farrakhan?)  They usually KILL the original and continue on with the clone who has now been programmed to do and say what the Cabal wants.  They use clones for suicide missions and/or tasks that are going to be unpleasant (think Super Soldiers, Ghislaine Maxwell imprisonment, etc.)  The elites pay a lot of money for clones to serve as their personal sex slaves also (think Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson).
  4. The latest plan (to take the place of sometimes unpredictable clones) is, of course, the implantation of a chip controlled by AI which will also serve to co-opt a person and get them to do the Cabal’s bidding.  Transhumanism figures prominently in the Cabal’s plans for humanity.
  5. There is an extremely sophisticated AI computer in a DUMB beneath the Denver airport called the “Red Queen”.  ALL internet traffic goes through her.  She is under the control of the Cabal (sort of), except that she thinks independently and no longer requires programming.  The ET groups have been trying to hack into this system with limited success.  They believe she may have killed her original programmers (good thing?)  Perhaps you can ask Bill Binney if he has ever heard of the “Red Queen”.
  6. The current state of mind control goes WAAAY beyond what most of us are aware of.  We know that TV’s, cell phones, WiFi and all “smart” devices can track us and spy on us whether they are on or off, but they also implant ideas and thoughts.  They can also beam things into our minds using drones and some sophisticated DARPA technology.  Also, every human being alive has a unique electrical frequency – one you have been scanned by a certain device, they can find you anywhere.  The Cabal is constantly looking for Starseeds and tracking them.  The only way to be safe is to ELEVATE your frequency.  The Cabal’s methods only work in 3D.
  7. One of the ways to elevate your frequency is to stop eating animals. ( I guess I always knew this in my heart – I’ve been a Paleo woman all my life, but I can’t stand the thought of killing an animal)  Animals are sentient beings, and they have been abused and suffered horribly in this existence.  When we eat animals, we give others permission to be eat US (which the Reptilians do, by the way).  People who do NOT eat meat are less likely to be kidnapped, mind controlled or messed with as this means they are not giving the Cabal permission to take advantage of them.  Karmic law – do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Additional (2020-09-23) from Ann Delap

Here are a few more items your readers might find interesting from the Cosmic Agency series. Some of these will be controversial.

  1. All Earth science is incorrect. Newtonian physics works on a basic level for everyday use here, but not in the universe. Even Einstein’s theory of relativity is wrong. TESLA is the one who got it right.
  2. Our mathematics are incomplete because they are based on the decimal system – base 10. Interstellar races use base 12.
  3. The controllers (Illuminati) have access to a version of 5G that does NOT have biological problems. The 5G currently being deployed against the population is 10 years behind what is available. It is a bio-weapon that can also be used for mind control. (Maybe Charlie Ward knows something after all?)
  4. NASA did not put a man on the moon in 1969 as popularly believed. The moon landing was staged. Our rockets were incapable of making it out of Earth orbit, and the Van Allen radiation belts would have fried the astronauts in their space capsule. On the other hand, the Secret Space Program has been to the moon and far beyond using very different technology.
  5. Homosexuality does not exist in 5D interstellar society. All souls select the gender they prefer when they reincarnate. On earth, however, the 3D matrix entraps souls as they die and leave their bodies, sometimes forcing them to reincarnate in bodies that do not match their preferred gender. This is what creates the homosexual dilemma.
  6. ALL Earth religions are based on false narratives that are designed to control the population. The notion of a “savior” (second coming of Christ) is designed to keep the people from taking up arms against their oppressors, thus keeping them compliant. The New Age movement has also been co-opted in much the same way. The Sumerian tablets’ story of the Anunnaki who genetically engineered the human race to be slaves is also false as it reinforces the idea that we are victims of our genetics and are, therefore, unable to access our higher powers.
  7. It was the Taygeteans who met with Eisenhower in 1954 to offer free energy in exchange for the U.S. giving up its nuclear weapons. The Taygetean representative was Rashell of Temmer, an attractive young woman who was the only one who could speak English. IKE did not take her seriously, and accused her of being one of the Nazi Vril girls. He also accused the Taygeteans of plotting with the Russians to disarm the U.S. The meeting was not successful. The other alien race IKE met with at that time was the Maitré (Tall Grays) who promised space travel technology in exchange for allowing them access to human and animal populations for experimentation. IKE agreed, provided the Maitré would keep the government informed of their activities. Unfortunately, the Maitré did not keep their word. They provided incomplete technical information that resulted in many accidents with experimental craft. They also abducted more humans than they acknowledged, many of whom perished. When confronted with this information, the Maitré then promised to give more complete assistance if the U.S. would allow them to build bases here. Once again, the U.S. government complied.
  8. The Taygetean fleet is no longer enforcing the blockade around Earth. They have been replaced by the Centauri group. Their fighter ships are known as the “Black Knights”. You can see what they look like here.

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TRANSCRIPTS of the Cosmic Agency , Gosia Videos

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Additional (2020-10-06) from Ann Delap

Cosmic Agency Update: The interstellar races are more involved with the battle for planet Earth than we first thought. Although the Prime Directive prevents them from intervening directly, they have realized that the Deep State/Globalist/Satanist side has an unfair advantage because they are being assisted by the Reptilian faction. They have technology and resources that the White Hats do not have, so the Federation has given the interstellar groups permission to engage the Reptilian ETs directly. This is serving to level the playing field, although it is extremely dangerous. This leaves the human factions to wage war between their own kind. This makes me think that some of the “earthquakes” near DUMBS may be interstellar in origin. If this is the case, this would explain why the Zionists and others are running scared. The interstellars are also monitoring chemtrails via drones to determine if new viruses or bioweapons are being spread among the population.

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