DefDog: Bravo President Trump — Purge of the Senior Civil Service Ranks Long Overdue

Ethics, Government

Andrew Feinberg appears to be a globalist who worries that this could lead to America First rather than Israel First being the policy of the land.

Trump just quietly passed an executive order that could destroy a future Biden administration

The order, which the White House released late Wednesday evening, would strip civil service protections from a broad swath of career civil servants if it is decided that they are in “confidential, policy-determining, policy-making, or policy-advocating positions” — a description previously reserved for the political appointees who come and go with each change in administration. It does that by creating a new category for such positions that do not turn over from administration to administration and reclassifying them as part of that category.

ROBERT STEELE: Feinberg is full of shit. This initiative is long overdue. While there are many, perhaps 30% SES as well as GM/GS 15s and 14s who are worth their weight in gold, the other 70% are traitors, elite pedophiles, white collar criminals, or just plain incompetent assholes promoted far past their merits by prior cronyism.

01 Too many political appointees loyal to Dick Cheney or Barack Obama or others including McCain and Clintons are embedded as SES or GM/GS 14-15 — many controlling billions of dollars or capable of obstructing necessary audits and  investigations.

02 Too many traitors are embedded as SES as well as all ranks but especially GM/GS 14-15 — people loyal to Israel First, UK First, Wall Street First).

03 Too many SES & GM/GS 14-15 feel that politicians are transitory and can be ignored. They are passive aggressive assholes who refuse orders.

04 Too many under-qualified SES as well as GM/GS 14-15 have been embedded by past cronyism, lax standards. Some of them are pyschopaths.

To get the US  federal government to work again — and to work for the 99% instead of the 1% — this is  an essential initiative. Anyone fighting it is either stupid or corrupt and in either case, richly deserving of separation.

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