Ed Jewett: Eric Striker on Authoritarians and Jews: The Push to Normalize Pedophilia

07 Other Atrocities, 10 Transnational Crime, Cultural Intelligence

Noteworthy for also having been republished by Unz Review. The Zionist funding of perversion cannot be ignored if America is to be restored to greatness.

Authoritarians and Jews: The Push to Normalize Pedophilia

. . . a deeper study into the post-war Jewish consensus (domestic liberal maximalism, suppressing Gentile authoritarianism), as well as what appears to be Jewish-led institutional preparations to make pedophilia the next barrier to break down in the sexual revolution, goes a long way in explaining the concern.

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ROBERT STEELE: I found this very worthwhile in part because the Zionists (never to be confused with the Jewish faith) are the most authoritarian, rascist, fascist, criminal assholes on the planet. Idi Amin was a wall flower compared to the hundreds of millions murdered, made ill, or looted by the Zionist and Deep State war machine combined with organized criminal trafficking in humans including children, drugs, and everything else.Indeed, it is yet another Zionist/Deep State “trick” to conflate “authoritarianism” with “family values. Standing for something — including God, country, community, and family, is only authoritarian if you are a criminal pervert. The role of the UK and MI-6, in the repression of faith,, family, and freedom, cannot be ignored either.  Illegal immigration and open borders are a very deliberate means of expanding slavery and breaking down Gentile communities while destroying the family. The USA has never had a proper counterintelligence enterprise with leaders of intelligence and integrity able to get a grip on contrived socio-economic and ideo-cultural subversion, along with routine bribery and blackmail — often with pedophilia — of officials at all levels (federal, state, and now local). We need a massive purge and we need to treat all  these individual domestic & foreign terrorists as enemy combatants.

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