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Late Saturday afternoon, I listened to the taped Steele Report 9/3 and will again wholeheartedly suggest that you subscribe. As information sources go, RDS has to be ranked at or near the top: he is well-connected, well-trained, a recognized master in open-source intelligence, and owns and maintains a substantial library online and off.  He acknowledges and names his teachers and peers and, in fact, one of the benefits of being in the classroom with him is that you will learn, even with casual attention.  He holds court at Phi Beta Iota   where you can track and research his reviews, his output, and most of what he has or will talked about, including contributions by recognized top-drawer collaborators like Steven Arnold and Joachim Hagopian.  The format for the report uses pre-published questions plus those sent in via a chat line by attendees.

A recurring question was about Presidential health; he thought the same as I did; you are watching a purposeful subterfuge. [Watch this 5:17 video sent out afterwords for more: which references Dave Hodges’ piece on Presidential assassination in which the degree of deception being utilized in the political arena is discussed.] POTUS is not at Walter Reed.  He is under the treat of multiple forms of violence. Put this audio podcast on in the background. It is ultra-fascinating.

Note this later post as well: Yoda: Psychic Remote Viewing on JFK Jr. Being Alive, Trump’s Seclusion

“We are collective intelligence” was a theme; his mantra is “The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.”

The deep state does not want us to be able to think for ourselves.

In the past, Mr. Steele has riffed on a symphonic analysis based on  these interlocking facts: 1) The US as a nation has been in a state of declared war for years; 2) The war powers that accrue to the POTUS are well-enumerated and involve to a great extent the military justice system and the military; 3) The NSA — which is understood technically by his colleague, Mr. Binney — has all the evidentiary data in deep storage for a very wide of fraudulent, criminal and treasonous acts, and that that data merely needs to be trotted out.  There is some information that some of this work has been done, and it is Steele’s theory — which you may test by doing your own research and re-examining recent events through this lens — that President Trump has indeed told many world and domestic leaders that he has the goods on them and that they ought to begin to collaborate and cooperate if they wish to avoid imprisonment and/or death. Timing is everything, it’s been said, and Admiral Rogers and General Flynn are the heroes of this story.  “He has the Zionists’ on 9/11 and Epstein.”

He mentioned the need for ruthless counter-intelligence, and for fire discipline.  He explained what that means in this and other contexts.  [Remember that much of Steele’s training and orientation stems from his service in the US Marine Corps.]  The meme that might have emerged: “Stop this or I will kill you and no one will ever find the body. Your ass is grass and I own the lawn mower.”  [Ed.: A close reading of Jamison’s “Surprise, Kill, Vanish” — especially her discussion of what the Obama White House termed “The Magic Box” — in conjunction with some research on the capabilities of certain software suites — which I have done — will further illuminate some of the tools in play.]

Hagopian’s book is being transformed now into a printed physical property and will eventually have multiple volumes (indexed). [Thank you, Joachim, for your hard work.] “The Mossad is ground zero for pedophilia.” Steele points out that there is a “map” of Zionist/Mossad crime available.  Steele suggests that there is solid evidence that Biden is a pedophile, and that General Flynn’s lawyer has spoken publicly about what is on Weiner’s laptop. [Want more?  See this one-hour BitChute of Powell’s presentation at the Hillsdale College’s National Leadership Seminar:] Powell has delivered the legal brief demanding that Flynn be exonerated.

Trump will follow a Truth & Reconciliation model, Steele hopes. He alleges that the DNC types are following Trump’s script because they got the memo.  Trump has achieved “an information triumph”.

I am pleased that Steele “walked back” — to use the “au courant” phrase of the news media — his endorsement of the Veterans Today/Gordon Duff theory that Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court was involved in a cover-up of Catholic pedophilia.

Steele has mounted a deep investigation of Wall Street fraud; see https://stopnakedshortselling.org/ or what is now re-booted as https://tinyurl.com/100-Trillion.

He has published widely on an array of over fifty topics, including election reform, 9/11, intelligence, counter-intelligence, the Wuhan virus, and hundreds of book reivews: they are all here:

The structure and process of the debates was also a major topic.  Said Steele, “Every Presidential candidate ought to have to publish his Cabinet nominees and a budget in advance. There could also be Cabinet level debates.  The debate process was stolen from the League of Women Voters. [3:19 video]

Perhaps the most fascinating topic for me (i’ve edited a work on performance psychology) was his discussion of needed educational tools for the next generation.  He mentioned specifically the restoration of one-income families, and having one full-time parent at home.   [I disagree with the technics but agree with the sentiment. I’ll explain later.]  Said Steele, we have to change the educational framework, purge the universities and the teachers’ unions, and we have to focus on critical thinking and teach people how to do proper research.

Specifically, he mentioned work done by Internet Trends reporter Mary Meeker and others, and specifically noted the topic of computer-aided tools for social network technology.

Note that Steele’s latest technical trick during the Saturday video is his sharing of screen shots. If you can take a screen shot of a video from within your own computer/keyboard, you can create your very own notes.

Says Steele, ‘we do not lack for intelligence; we lack for integrity.”

The theme of educational tools for the next generation will be a subject that will be re-visited again and again inside the Steele Report where, he says, he now works for those who subscribe.  Keep the coversation alive and growing.  To subscribe: https://thesteelereport.com/plans/the-steele-report/

[Ed.: An afterthought: Why are there so many who are up in arms about the “so-called QAnon conspiracy” and not the repeated occurrences of predictive programming offering up by Bart Simpson?]

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