Paul Adams: Google & YouTube Sued — Restraining Order Sought

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Paul Adams

Google and YouTube Sued for Censorship

Spurred by Whistleblower Revelations Big Tech Must Answer in Court Pre-Election TRO Sought

Working with Zach Vorhies, the Whistleblower who revealed Google’s 12 member “Hate Speech Committee” (half of whom are Red Chinese Nationals) the lawsuit alleges massive and systemic violations of Section 230 of the Telecommunications Act, the companies’ terms of contract and Freedom of Speech with regard to centrist, conservative and libertarian opinion communications.

74-Page Complaint & Video Explaining Lawsuit Below the Fold

Read 74-page complaint online.


Phi Beta Iota: The lawsuit should have included Amazon, Facebook, MeetUp, Twitter, and both Automattic (WordPress/Jetpack) and Microsoft, all of them controlled by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) on behalf of the Deep State, all of them using “hate speech” in the  terms of reference to selectively censor and deplatform conservatives and truth-tellers about Zionist and Deep State atrocities — crimes against humanity.

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