Review: Ireland 1845-1850 – The Perfect Holocaust and Who Kept It “Perfect” (the British) by Chris Fogarty

6 Star Top 10%, Atrocities & Genocide, Crime (Government), Peace, Poverty, & Middle Class, Power (Pathologies & Utilization), Voices Lost (Indigenous, Gender, Poor, Marginalized)

6 Star — Pioneering Work Overcomes 200 Years of Lies by British, Catholic Church, and USA

This book is the full equivalent of Ernst Zundel's work disputing the British-Zionist holocaust myth, but in the opposite direction. Or it could be compared to the cover-up of how the Allies murdered 11 million Germans AFTER they surrendered.

This book proves, without equivocation being possible, that the British starved up to 6 million Irish citizens to death by robbing the Irish of their abundant and varied agricultural output and exporting it while blaming one failed crop for the resultant starvation.. The cover-up of this genocide continues to this day.

QUOTE (6): The Food Removal created the 1845-1850 Holocaust-by-starvation. The Food Removal demolishes the Big Lie of “potato  famine: we were all taught.  The Food Removal also demolishes the newer fallback lie of “the rich Irish starving the poor Irish.”

QUOTE (15): England turned Ireland into a slaughterhouse of starvelings, especially during the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.

QUOTE (24): The whole history of the Vatican shows that ever since it assumed to be the political as well as the religous head of the world (about the year 860) its universal policy has been to crush the weak; to fighten the timid and to conciliate the strong and diligent.

QUOTE (103): In 1795, British ministers decided that to completely subjugate Ireland the collaboration of the Catholic Church was indispensable. Britain thus ceased murdering priests and founded and funded Ireland's national seminary in Maynooth. The tactic worked. Ireland's Catholic Church became London's tool. Priests excommunicated rebels, and preached “God's Will” to the people as they sank from hunger.

Highlights from my notes:

Early on we learn that the Irish did not “exist” or have any rights under English rule — Irish could be murdered with impunity, stolen from with impunty.

England enslaved all Irish citizens before it began enslaving Negroes in 1562.

In 1574 famine because a military strategy.

In 1600 England exported tens of thousands of Irish slaves.

In 1700's England became the founder of modern state-sponsored terrorism.

In the 1800's England exports massive numbers of  the Irish to Australia and the Caribbean.

Chapter 6: toll of up to 6 million dead Irish carefully documented — 50% of the Irish population starved to death by the British.

I have a note “Ireland is to England as Palestine is to Israel.”

Chapter 10: Truth-tellers itemized.

Chapter 11: Cover-uppers itemized

  • British Government
  • Irish Government
  • “Irish” Consuls-General
  • “Irish” Media
  • “Irish” Academia
  • US Academia especially Quinnipiac University
  • Catholic Church
  • Ireland's Bishops
  • Church in Chicago
  • Christine Kinealy
  • Irish-American Media
  • Electronic Media
  • “Irish Famine” Writers

Chapter 13 refuses the following seven lies:

LIE 1: “Potato ‘famine'” – the original lie
LIE 2: “Famine”
LIE 3: “No food left Ireland while the people starved.”
LIE 4: “The British Army had nothing to do with it.”
LIE 5: “It was the rich Irish starving the poor Irish.”
LIE 6: Most landlords were Catholic.”
LIE 7: “The Irish starved despite, not because of, the law.”

The author offers an extraordinary color map of British regimental positions and mass graves that represents one of the most righteous persistent investigations ever undertaken by a single human being.

Multiple exhibits, a glossary and extensive endnotes complete the book.

If I had the money, I would fund a movie. The world at large needs to understand that this book catalogues England at its very worst over centuries, against its own kin. Ireland — all of it — is long overdue for complete independence.

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