Review: The Stakes – America at the Point of No Return by Michael Anton

5 Star, America (Founders, Current Situation), Culture, Research

5 Stars – How the 1% Stay in Power

This is a solid book that can be read quickly or slowly.  I chose the speed route, and below I provide the essence of the book.

Core point: everything about our society including the federal government, universities, religions, non-profits, and corporations, is designed to keep the 1% in power with the right to loot the 99% at will, with complete impunity.

Not in the book, but something I have documented at Licensed to Steal, is the fact that Wall Street has stolen $100 trillion from Main Street via naked short selling, with the complicity of the Senate Banking Committee and the Securities Exchange Commission, and multiple Presidents and Secretaries of the Treasury (most of them from Goldman Sachs, Thief-in-Chief).

What the 1% Want:

  1. Homogenization
  2. Pacification
  3. Demoralization
  4. Centralization

Soldiers of the 1%:

  1. Universities
  2. Wokerati
  3. Freeloaders
  4. Avengers

Legalized wrongful immigration and illegal immigration are  the core means by which the 99% with citizenship and rights are broken down.

The author cannot bring himself to discuss the role of Israel and its bribery and blackmail of all levels of government (federal, state, and local) as a core factor in  the destruction of the USA. It is likely the author does not know — as I did not realize until recently — that Great Britain is, along with the Red Mafiya state of Israel never to be confused with the Jewish faith — the greatest enemy of the Republic.  Below are a handful of references to this effect.

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