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1. I admire your optimism and faith in a Trump who is wiser than he acts, but he attacked China 13 times during his UN speech last month. Surely we can't keep poking at the bear and expect that there will not be a
day when SHTF?

2. Realistically, how much of a “shake-up” do you think we can expect in this final month before election day in terms of spygate revelations, indictments of deep state players?

3. Do you think that Professor Charles Lieber actually constructed a
Coronavirus nanotube 5G delivery system, as I have seen in online?

4. Outside of Hillsdale college and the Marine Corps, what would you recommend for the next level of educational tools for people need to be ethically and civically re-educated for our next 100 years?

5. Please communicate with subscribers in general or me in specific about what, where, how, how much etc for Patriots' Network.

6. Kudos to the US military if they are really arresting members of the Cabal worldwide, but is this not a violation of international law?

7. Did George Floyd really die? If so, was it predetermined that he would die? If you have already answered this, please just direct me to where it is as I just joined about 2 weeks ago.

8. ‘m hearing more talk of the possibility of coming food shortages.
What is your gut feeling on that subject. Do you think we should have many months' supply of food stored up? It's hard to know what to prepare for.

9. How could you possibly get a child out of a cult like the illuminati, when you have tried to expose pedophilia surrounding him? While being carefully shy on the complaint so that the court did not kill me, they made me shut my mouth using the terms of paranoïa, defamation and so on….As a result my son and I are suffering in silence…

10. Our strongest instinct is that violence is abhorrent and glossing over the riots has doomed any possible Democrat chance. In this atmosphere why is there need for minority outreach as they in general hold similar views?

11. I believe that the current Covid 19 scamdemic is a smoke screen for the financial reset. Do you agree? Why or why not?

12. Project Veritas' latest exposé is about AZ Senate candidate Mark Kelly deliberately concealing his radical gun control agenda in an effort to woo the gun-loving Arizona conservatives who dislike Trump's personality. Kelly is married to Gabby Giffords. I grew up hanging out at the shopping center where Gabby's “shooting” was staged, and I think it was a hoax. What do you think, Robert?

13. What is FASB-56? Does this mean the US budget is completely obfuscated? Should every freedom loving US taxpayer be concerned?

14. If Sandy Hook was indeed a false flag, were there actually real children that died?

15. Why didn't Trump stop the social media censorship earlier?

16. On Edge of Wonder, you mentions there were ways to hide your files and identity in the cloud without being tracked. Could you give some more information for me to look into that?

17. Why didn't they find better than Biden? This is all the cabal has?

18. How do I wake up my own family to the reality of this world? I know 911 was a false flag operation and I ended up serving two combat tours for a lie. I figured that maybe a fellow veteran with your experience could guide me down the right path to help awaken the masses.

19. I have followed George Webb for the past year who seems to have suspicions about Steve Bannon's being a positive advisor and supporter of President Trump. While I am fascinated by and pay attention to Webb's investigative research, I haven't heard enough about Bannon to sway me to his thinking. What is your insight into Bannon's actions? Friend or foe?

20. How will President Trump stop the coup by the Democratic party after the president is reelected. They have very brazenly announced their intentions.

21. You have said early on that the pandemic was fake but the virus was real. Jon Rappaport is presenting evidence that the CDC has documented it has no measurable amount of virus. In other words, the virus is not real. Please give us your read on this.

22. Will major political and pedophilia arrests be made during the “10 days of darkness?”

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