Donald Trump the Elder: 15 global changing events coming in October…

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

I did NOT say this.  Be discerning.  Think critically. And vote!

01 Global currency reset

02 Mass arrests of BLM/Antifa & their financial supporters

03 Insurrection Act

04 Military takeover of all MSM & Social Media enterprises

05 Public broadcast of evidence with live confessions

06 Internet blackout (15 minuters), takeover of ICANN, end hostile bots/sites

07 Suspension of Congress, military tribunals (both parties)

08 Announcement of recovery of stolen assets & redistribution to public

09 Many beautiful laws (introduced while old ugly laws cancelled)

10 Suspension of all income taxes

11 Free health care

12 Mass arrests of sex traffickers and freeing of child slaves

13 Suspension of all student loans and defunding of hostile education

14 Suspension of COVID regulations (lockdowns, masks)

15 Trump reveals his relationship with Q


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