Ann Delap: Extraterrestrial View of US Election 2020 (Video)

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Four Paragraph Summary of Video Below


From the Taygetean perspective, Donald Trump represents one side of two feuding factions of the Cabal.  They see him as superficial and full of excuses and empty promises. However, they realize that he is seen as a patriot and savior by many for his pro-America and anti-globalist stance.  On the other hand, Joe Biden represents a genocidal faction of the Cabal that aligned itself with the Nazis in WWII.  A Biden presidency would result in a very negative and tragic timeline for humanity.

Even though Trump and Biden would continue many of the same agendas, the Taygeteans support Trump as the lesser of two evils.  They also understand that the people need to have hope, and Trump represents change and a repudiation of many things that violate their cultural values.  If Biden wins and the USA collapses to regressive forces, it will affect the rest of the world.  They will know that democracy is dead.

As far as the election is concerned, the Taygeteans believe Trump will prevail after numerous legal challenges are settled.  They have not confirmed if there is a sting operation to identify fake ballots.  A Trump win will most likely provoke protests and violence from groups like Antifa, but this will be subdued by National Guard troops.  If Biden wins, they predict a civil war as millions of Americans have armed themselves in preparation for such an event.

Aneeka continues to emphasize that we cannot depend on politicians to save us.  We have to fight for ourselves and our own integrity.  The only way to defeat the Cabal agenda is through mass civil disobedience.  When evil increases, good also increases – it is the Universe’s way of seeking natural balance.

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