Eagle: Does White House Now Control Federal Reserve?

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Inquiring mind asked this question.  Here are some answers.

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Wikipedia: The Federal Reserve Act

ROBERT STEELE: The Federal Reserve was created by the 1%, using bribery and blackmail to control the President and Congress, in order to totally fuck t he 99%. It is neither Federal nor a Reserve. It is a license  to steal, and a critical counterpart to the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) which is a criminal front for Wall Street along with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and t he Senate Banking Committee. Fractional reserve banking and ursury as well as the manipulation of interest and foreign exchange rates, along with naked short selling (counterfeiting and direct theft of $100 trillion from Main Street by Wall Street) along with $100 trillion in money laundering from trade in children, drugs, and other contraband — all during the past ten years — give President Trump every reason to abolish or nationalize the Federal Reserve and take over control of rate setting.  The credit agencies as well as the Department of Justice and the FBI are also RICO organizations, totally corrupt in turning a blind eye to billion and trillion dollar theft and money laundering, all enabled by a two-party tyranny that serves the Deep State 1% by keeping the 90% of the good people in  government “in check” and unable to serve the public interest. The Pilgrims Society (UK), Freemasons, Knights of Malta, Opus Day, Mormons, and the pedophilia red shoe network are all part of the grand conspiracy to spread Cultural Marxism, dumb down and drug up and depopulate. We are in the final battle for the soul of America and the soul of capitalism.

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Web Sites:

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