PROPOSED: That POTUS Break Bread with Cynthia McKinney “Mr. President You Won Big and You Won Black!”

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Alert Reader has suggested that POTUS invite Cynthia McKinney to break bread with him — the photo of this one on one will rock the planet and set stage for the inevitable confirmation of the President's victory by both the Supreme Court and multiple state legislatures.

Alert readers says:

I know at this stage of the game it's in discussion.

I believe and pray that it happens. It will be VERY GOOD for POTUS, and VERY GOOD for the nation.


LINCOLN and Fredrick Douglass in the White House. Story, story. FD really respected Abe.

TEDDY ROOSEVELT & Booker T. Washington. Dinner. Southern oligarchs freak out.

IKE did the Little Rock, Arkansas and 101st Airborne thing.

The President would do well to acknowledge his party has failed since thenl; it should be a standard line in many speeches. He's great. And one of the vicious lies of our time is he's a racist. MILLIONS of blacks and Latinos just voted for him…, who's stupid? Them or the MSM whores?

My two cents is that they should “break bread together.” Lunch. Breakfast. Don't care.

I want a PHOTO of the two of them, and JUST them. Could become an ICONIC photo of his Presidency. Also, second term, bringing America together, healing America, etc, etc. That's the way I would do it.

I know he has met w many, many black leaders and groups and that is to the President's great credit. Cynthia, aka, “The Goddess,” is in a league of her own. They should act accordingly.

She should also tell him the story about her Daddy A) being a patrolman for 30 years, work then protest in uniform. and what will really hit him emotionally I suspect, is B) he's hired but he can't dress in the locker room and has to put on his uniform in a nearby YMCA. While he can absolutely clean an opponent's clock if they are dishonorable to him, or America, I believe he's a real “marshmallow,” a teddy bear under certain circumstances. I've seen it. Wrt CM, I see 2 consummate pros acting like 2 consummate pros. Although I suspect they both can be “prickly.” I'm thinking porcupines. My thought is: Sir, this is what I can do for you, this is my advice, this is a non-neogotiable bottom line for me, I want to work for you, with you and make America and the world a better place. Lamentable she's been kept away from him. They'll be fine ….PROVIDED … they can get together face to face.

**AWESOME WAY to end one era, and begin another!!** (Reagan's Mike Deaver would love.)

(And I would pick Mike Flynn's and Sidney Powell's brains for tips, “how do I most effectively talk to this guy?”)

When the President gets to know her, he will love her. Flat out love her. He once gave what for him is an ultimate compliment, when he called Mitch McConnell a “killer.” To be blunt, he's like the Marine Corps, paraphrasing, he's “looking for a few more killers.” He really, really needs a few more “killers;” this first term was way too difficult. PERSONNEL IS POLICY!! Maybe, fingers crossed, he can utilize CM's talents to make his life a lot easier, and make America better. WINNING! Two thumbs up!

(This meeting and photo of breaking bread will also GO AROUND THE WORLD. That's why I don't want JUST another meeting; “break bread together” takes it to another level. The Goddess is respected in the 3rd World. There is a whole incredible network — of which white America doesn't even have a clue — in the African American community at home. And another network of those below the equator. There were photos of JFK in many African huts/homes and in the 3rd world the day he died!!)

I know how the black community works. This would ROCKET around the internet. Also be good potentially w MSM……although the Operation Mockingbird punks will do their thing. With the first option being to ignore it.

Love you, Love The Goddess, Love the President,
God Bless America.


Cynthia McKinney comments:

Fourteen years ago, in the very earliest days of electronic voting, my constituents filed a lawsuit against the State of Georgia demanding access to the election data; the State of GA refused and testified that “You just have to trust that the person we announce as the winner is the winner.”  The software, the State said, belonged to Diebold and it was up to Diebold whether or not to release it.  NOW, I know what happened to my votes:  Hammer and Scorecard (or their predecessors) are what happened to my Congressional career!  I had a team of expert software engineers ready to dissect the code had we won.  Instead, my main software expert supporter was nearly run off the road (a la Athan Gibbs) and forced to leave her Georgia mountains home.  Out of money, I had neither the law on my side nor the financial resources to continue the legal/political fight.  I was forced to abandon a seat that I know I won.  This was at a time when Dems and Repubs came together to achieve that goal!  Amazingly, we are witnessing that phenomenon again, this time nation-wide, where “establishment Republicans” united with Democrats to oppose a Presidential candidate.

ROBERT STEELE: I am trying to get Ben Garrison to do a cartoon along these lines, with Lincoln-Douglas, Teddy-Booker, and JFK-MLK in the shadows looking on with great approval.  The proposed caption:

“Mr. President You Won Big and You Won Black!”


“It’s organized crime. All you do is you call the Republicans the Genoveses and you call the Democrats the Gambinos. The people at the top, they treat it like a crap game. It’s their crap game, like they’re making lots of money. Occasionally, somebody at the table shoots each other, but the moment anything threatens their crap game, they all unite to protect it. … They’re both controlled by the same financial, economic and corporate interests.” -Michael C. Ruppert (excerpted from the film America Freedom to Fascism)

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