Wayne Jett: Transcript of Dr. Steve Pieczenik on Watermarks and Massive Election Fraud Discovery

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This is really a sting operation. Contrary to what everybody else said, Trump knew this was happening, Eric knew this was happening and warned the public. I knew this was happening. However, I did not say anything about it. What happened was we marked – watermarked – every ballot with what is called the QFS encryption code. In other words, we know pretty well where every ballot is, where it went and who has it. So this is not a stolen election. On the contrary, we reversed the entire game of war along the lines of Sun Tsu, The Art of War. And Trump was brilliant at it, and still is brilliant at it.

The reason he has not been seen – and Alex (Jones) said “oh, I he haven’t seen him in several days.” Well, in the art of a war, you pull back, allow your enemy to make all of the mistakes that they are making. Manipulate the situation, expose their mistakes and then come in for the final killing. And that’s what is happening now.

None of this was unexpected. All of this was expected. All of this was a part of the sting operation we were running. And let me tell you, that 48 hours ago, not only did we put markers on those ballots, but I can say now – with the permission of people in the intelligence community and elsewhere – that we have sent out thousands and thousands of national guard to twelve different states: Washington, Delaware, Arizona, Texas, Alabama and everywhere.

So now you have to reconsider and rethink what this is really about. The genius of Trump is that he is able to pull back at any point and manipulate the opponent without the opponent ever realizing it. He has said repeatedly #StealTheVote. That is exactly what he has said for months. Then he made a very clear implication. He said I will use common sense or my intelligence – i.e., both literal and figurative intelligence – and those of us in the intelligence community, be it who they are – again what I said in 2016 – we exposed Hillary and now we expose (and it was Trump who initiated this) the Biden family: Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Jim Biden, Frank … the whole family, who played right into a game where they were convicted. You’re seeing what is happening now.

What was not announced is that we watermarked all of the ballots with what I said – QFS blockchain – which is a very hard encryption code to break. And the second thing is, as I said, that we sent probably about 20,000 national guards or more 48 hours ago. None of it was reported, and I thank the press for not reporting it, and others.

So what is happening and what you are seeing is a sophisticated sting operation, initiated by Trump. I’m just a lowly peasant in this game. And honestly I was informed that I could say something about it today only last night. That’s why I could not come on (InfoWars telecast).

So this is the reverse of what you guys have been thinking. It is not a civil war. We have not been surprised in any way. This has been a set-up by Trump for a long, long time. And the same way that we knew about Hillary Clinton – I warned about the coup and we would do a counter-coup. And this is our counter-coup. Again, against the Bidens. And that is exactly what we expected.

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