Robert Steele: Jonathan Pollard, Traitor, Going to Israel, Our Enemy (Never To Be Confused with Judaism)

Cultural Intelligence

Spy sentenced to life in U.S. prison can now return to Israel after completing parole

Jonathan Pollard is a traitor who tried to sell secrets to Turkey first, then Israel. Israel is our enemy, and has totally penetrated the US Government while also leveraging 12 Zionist billionaire traitors to the USA identified by Ryan Dawson (buy his map for $50).  President Trump is buying time. Israel will be gone by 2022.

Cultural insight: Zionist Israel (never to be confused with Judaism or Jews faithful to their countries of citizenship) considers itself above all laws and it considers all goyim as well as “lesser” Jews to be “sub-human” and chattel.


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One of my  two billionaires is Jewish and rethinking their bets — Mazel Tov!  He has always supported my distinction between Zionism (evil) and Judaism (good). Today he has asked me to apply to Israel the statement I have already applied to the US and UK (with Simon Parkes):

90% of fall secret intelligence (and government) people are good people trapped in a bad system.

This certainly holds true for my colleagues in the Mossad, and those across the Zionist Ministry of Defense as well as the Knesset.  It does not apply to Benjamin Netanyahu, a piece of shit furniture salesman long overdue for a war crimes trial (along with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld) for 9/11.

58 Zionist Strikes (Zionism is Not Judaism)

The next Day of Atonement is 15 September 2021. On that day I expect the 90% to dance and the 10% to die.


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Israel is s occupied by obama jews, nazi pentagoners, neo cons and muslim brotherhood leftists, rothschild german royalists, lucifarian papist jesuits and armenian genociders, w bibi at their head, doing business w china and city of london, swissy, hsbc and vatican banks to keep jews from praying at temple mount. But, I broke that law and will continue to do so. God wins.

And look to the Vatican they conspired with Rothschilds, the bloody Jesuits will pay in time.

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