Yoda: Cultural History from a Nordic Source – Black Nobility Using Zionists?

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Reading this worthy of.

These comments to describe the perspective needed to both understand and communicate the above texts and loinks – due to the History behind the OCTOGON, founded in 1050 – when the old Gaius-family of Rome succeeded to tear down the Allied Forces of the Nordic Kingdoms and thus conquer ALL of (western Europe) – clearing the way for them to conquer mnost of Eurasia and all of America – and thus “Rule The Globe”.as Eternal Souvereigns…

“Octo” = The old symbols of “The Eight Forces” (elements) that constitute the Human World – also known from the ancient terms “The Eight Winds” and the “Eight Corners of the Globe”. (The Feno-Ugrian langiages still name them all, while the Latin and German langiages only have Four left – as in North, South, East and West..Thus our post-medival philosophers have ran half-assed though history not able to transcend the Carthagesian model of thinking. Which is the reason why this Cabal will ultimately fail – eventhough they have managed to seize ALL the old symbols of Power, both terrestial end extra-terrestial (‘heavenly’, see ‘gravitation’ etc.)..

Please understand – there would be no ‘khazarian mafia’ OR ‘sionism’ OR fascism, nazism and communism for that mater – without the Black Nobility, who initiated, sopnsored and doirected them all – to use them as tools to “distract, divert and deceive” in order to antagonize people and populations – to ultimately “divide, conquer and enslave” whoever available – from Asia Minor to Indo-China…

Octogon The Empire of Darkness

Pls note: The al-khazars of the Caspian were a bunch of harliners brought out of Babylon during the Akka-menid (‘Persian’) Empire – to head the slave-raids into the north and west, where the Schytian Commoners – basically farmers – lived. In hebrew/semittic this eniicity was called Saqqua Liba. Which the ‘persianized’ Greeks of Anatolia adopted to “Saka-leva’, condensed ‘Sklavin’. Which, still later, became “Slavin’ and “Slavic”
When Alexander liberated their stolen land – all the way to the historic homeland of the Indo-Aryans – a large number of semittic outliers were still surviving in the north – along the old Silk-route between the Aral and the Caspian Sea – where they started their.’Khazarian Empire’ – on the old Akka-median idea of “World Rule”.

Meanwhile their Western cousins – known as ‘Phonecians – survived the Ptolemaian liberation west of Egypt, with Carthage as their new Capitol. From where they kept infiltrating and destroying the Roman kingdom, finally succeeding to ROOT OUT their histoical king-line and thus produce a substantial regime-change – leaving the remaining Nobility (Patricien) – who gouverned each their region – to continue their Royal Gouvernement in Rome without a royal. Thus creating what’s know to be The Roman Republic – with Oldermen/Ealdormen/Herold-men to perform as ‘For-man’ aka ‘Pre-si-dent”of the “Round Table” that used to serve as The Kings Council, aka The Roy-Al Council. In the last century before two siblings of the phoenician/semittic Akkadians were made, born and rised to enter the Throne of The Globe – in Tome, hereafter named “The Eternal Capitol” – as of ‘Ze Wulrd’.(Note: ‘Akka’ in sumerian = “Mother Earth, paralell to ‘Gaia’ in Old Latin/Sabinian)

Thus, as Gaius Julius succeded robbibg the French dry – selling hundreds of yhousands of them to his jewish relatives and sponsors – the real head of the gaius family produced OCTA-VI-AN and OCTA-VI-A, who like Adam and Eve had to marry and initiate a famliy of “Homo Novus” – all set “To Rule ze Wurld”.- AND produce a new, world-wide network of 13 sons, who each would be palced around The Empire to start regional family-lines and thus become an ‘organic’ network of ‘arrows’ (sperm-lines) as dukes (Duces/Doges) and thus poduce sons that would take over ALL larger estate in the region and rule each and every locality – through their own sons and sgrand-sons. Thus re-producing as the old pioneering families, that once re-populated the void Eurasia that came out of ice-time – oproducing the’tribes’ and nations’ known a ‘natives’ and ‘nations’. Which still existed all aorund the world outside the realms of the evil empires of Babylon and Rome – from Northern Europe to Asia, America, Oceania and Australia.

Thus Octavian kept pushing were his uncle Caesar ended – to conquer Germania Superior all the way north to Denmark and Scandainvia. Unfortunately his grand effort – using Syrian war-elephants – drowned in the wetlands of the Teuton Forrests, half way to the Royal realms of all Germans, at the “Land of The(ir) Life-Wheel” – Jutland. To avoid the cathastrophe of a revenge Octavian sought peace with the ‘Gods’ aka ‘goodmen’ of the german court, by laying down ALL future plans of agression and conquest and rather take care for the vast empire he already ruled – besides refusing the global ambitions of his semittic family by CHANGING his titular first name to Augustus – in respect to the old traditions of Rome, whee the ‘golden wisdom of the ages’ were takn care of by the ‘Augurs’. As the Empire re-appeared duing the 8th century, as the HRE, we got to honor the ‘founding fathers’ of this Empire every Jul-i and August, as the 7th and 8th rise of The Moon, the universial marker of Time within all ancint civilizations.

The 13 families comming out of the 14th – to poduce a Homo Novus at the helm of A New World Order headed by Rome – are still in existence. One of them runs the adopted jews that formed within the Russian sicne ages and thus able to serve the Alpine Money-Masters as instigators of extensive terror and massive crimes in Russia – to bring about yet another regincide and regime-change. Please note, though, that the Khazarian aka Askenazi themselves are NOT a part of the Black Nobility of Gaius (‘Mr. Global’) – but once submissive and ‘adopted’ natives of persian Caucasia. Thus the’ khazarian jews’ are nothing but a TOOL to the old, Black Nobility of Pune (Poona), whose operative arm since the time of their Roman In-qaes-i-tores have been perfectly MASKED as warrior-munchs in “The Society of Jesus” – steadily bringing the “Judeo-Christian Deception” around ze Wurld. All ze way through operations like Barabarossa, Paperclip, Gladio, MK Ultra, Mockingbird and the present Covid. To reach the final RESET – headed by an elite with a 8-armed ‘Full-Spectum Dominance ‘ to all 8 corners of the globe – and thus a perfect NWO. To be led from the one and only Meteropole needed to rule ze Wurld. Which isn’t Jerusalem or anyhing close to it – but Rome and only Rome.

Everytime Julius Caesar were in a serious battle the first thing he ordered as soon as his adversaries were slaughtered was “Go tell Rome Caesar won”. Leaving ‘Gaul’ (France) he had 40+ elephants and an unknown number of oxes pulling wagons full of prescious metals – making the Gaius-family the by far richest in ze Wurld. A position they NEVER have left -since they used it – through their 13 branches and their respective “auxelliers” (proxies) like the Khazars, the Sionists, tuncoat Latinos, Germans and Brittons – to conquer and loot the rest of Eurasia and America – as well. Accumulating NO less than 700.000+ tons of gold – they have used their extreme wealth to then control both kings and peasants ever after – through their monopoly of the Marked Coins that since 1250 came to rule all Markets of Europe – from where their Banks and Mark-ant-ilism have spread across the globe – to be mandatory in all trades. First between all nations and church-regions – today reaching each and every village and citizen.

Thus the saying of today; “By a gun and rob a bank – buy a bank and rob ze Wurld”.

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