Robert Steele: My Take on POTUS Defense Picks — Intelligence-Driven Strategy, Policy, Acquisition, & Operations May Finally Be Achievable

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

The recent appointments by the President to the Department of Defense are utterly brilliant and suggest that the era of intelligence-driven strategy, policy, acquisition, and operations may finally be achievable.

At the strategic level, this enables Presidential power capable of neutralizing the  military-industrial-intelligence complex that fronts for the Deep State and has been in a state of treason for decades.

It enables consideration of really big ideas such as I developed in a year long study summarized in one graphic below, while redirecting trillions of dollars away from the banks and toward communities here at home — closing all of our military bases overseas, for example, would not only bring all the rent money and support jobs now going to foreigners home  to Americans, it would also shut down the bases and military transports now used by the  Deep State to smuggle children, drugs, guns, gold, and dirty cash.

At the policy level it opens up extraordinary possibilities for intelligence-driven policy devised in tandem with intelligence-driven acquisition and operations. The concept of D3C — Defense, Development, Diplomacy, & Commerce — can now be fleshed out, displacing the current costly chaos of out of control stove-pipes overly responsive to the foreign powers that have placed their moles in every corner of our national security enterprise.

Perhaps most significantly, it opens up the possibility of the Department of Defense being used to rapidly rebuild America and retrain the public, with over 40 million appearing to require salaries, training, and in many cases relocation. Only the US military is capable of serving as the backbone for what would in essence be Manhattan Project Meets Marshall Plan to Make America Great Again.

  • Acting SecDef: Christopher Miller
  • Straategic Advisor: Doug Macgregor
  • UnderSecDef for Intelligence:  Ezra Cohen-Watnick
  • Acting Director of Policy Planning: Anthony Tata
  • Chief of Staff: Kash Patel

These are brilliant choices.  Each of these people is known to be super-smart, totally loyal, and a forward-looking visionary.

These are also choices that confirm the lasting influence and value of Mike Flynn and Devin Nunes.

Whether the President needs to use the Insurrection Act or not, these choices both assure the responsiveness of the Department of Defense in the balance of the first term; and the readiness of the Department of Defense to be  the linchpin for the achievement of the President’s Grand Strategy — Grand Vision — for restoring the Constitution and the Republic to Make America Great Again.

Whether I will have a chance to serve is not at all assured.  No one else is available to the President who has integrated holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) — the latter vital to the rebuilding of America at 20% of the cost of the corrupt Deep State economic model — but I have known for years of the “very important people” lying to the President and blocking both myself and Dr. Cynthia McKinney from being useful in the first term  I serve at the pleasure of the President.

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