Steven Vervaecke: Time to Dump Globalist Time, Go Local Time

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence

Time zones are for the convenience of the globalists.  Local everything, its the future. its shining trough in the most unexpected ways.

It’s Time To Dump Daylight and Standard Time and Go Local Time

The pandemic has accelerated the trend toward timelessness.

The problem is that when we run our lives on Railway Time, most of us are out of sync with the true solar time. On October 30th as I am writing this, the sun will set in Boston at 5:39. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Eastern Time Zone in Detroit, it will set at 6:27; people leaving work at 6:00 are facing two completely different conditions at exactly the same time. Why should people in Boston come home in the light and those in Detroit in the dark?

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