Movie (1:37:40) A Thousand Pieces — Featuring Joe Flynn, Cathy O’Brien, Robert Steele, John DeSouza, Robin Gritz — on CIA, FBI, NSA Corruption — Narrated by Sean Stone

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A Thousand Pieces is a staggering look into the abyss of systemic corruption at the very top of the CIA & FBI. The film exposes the gritty details of illegal programs such as “Cointelpro” which targeted leaders like Martin Luther King & Malcom X, to CIA intelligence operations like “Northwoods” and “Mockingbird”, uncovering potential plans to use “false flag” events and mainstream media propaganda to control the American people.

A Thousand Pieces is a shocking and hard-hitting investigative documentary, exposing the darkest secrets of the FBI and CIA, and asking the question, isn’t it time to reform some of the most corrupt government agencies in American history?

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Directed by Roger R. Richards
Narrated by Sean Stone
Produced and Co-Directed by Steve Lucescu
Produced by Adrienne Youngblood
Original Score by Rene Armenta
Edited by Adam Wallberg and Roger R. Richards
Written by Roger R. Richards

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The movie opens with a focus on the JFK assassination and the CIA role in that assassination, honoring JFK, and then touching on the connection between JFK Jr. and President Donald J. Trump.

A startling image of the President and the First Lady, the First Lady dressed in white and wearing a White Hat introduces a long section in which Joe Flynn, youngest brother of General Michael Flynn, does an utterly superb job of being the surrogate for Mike Flynn — framed by the CIA and FBI — and Sydney Powell — his defender.

The movie then shifts to Cathy O'Brien, acclaimed author of TRANCE Formation of America: True life story of a mind control slave (my review free online) in which she connects the CIA, mind-control, and politicians, naming names including Gerald Ford. This section also focuses on how the CIA and FBI sabotaged domestic activist groups while creating false flag domestic events.

This section concludes by calling for the complete declassification of the JFK files, a promise made by President Trump but thwarted by CIA to date.

Joe Flynn and John DeSouza and Robert Steele are used to show a connection between JFK Jr. and Donald Trump. Sean Stone as narrator asks if Donald Trump is leading an accelerated evolution, a mass consciousness event.

Cathy O'Brien comes back in to make the connection between pedophilia and mind-control, between CIA and corrupt politicians. She concludes that healing demands free thought and that 2016 was We the People bringing in Donald Trump to take down BOTH political parties that are totally corrupted.

John DeSouza discusses Obama as an agent of the Deep State, groomed to destroy the Republic, with James Comey as a bagman connecting the Clintons and Obama (to which I would add Dick Cheney, enabler of 9/11).

Joe Flynn does a great job of discussing how the Flynn case is a microcosm of the challenge we all face in restoring the Constitution and the rule of law in the face of judges that are totally corrupt and representing the Deep State.

There is a long section featuring Robin Gritz speaking to FBI corruption and how she was abused, followed by a section of Robert Steele speaking to both the dysfunctionality of intelligence today, and the centrality of intelligence as a tool for President Trump to eradicate every traitor, every elite pedophile, every white collar criminal.

The movie ends of a very high note, honoring General Flynn and President Trump, with Joe Flynn and John DeSouza speaking to the role of citizen journalists and digital soldiers for truth.


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