Stephen E. Arnold: Confidence in US Education: 46 Companies Have Doubts

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Stephen E. Arnold

Confidence in US Education: 46 Companies Have Doubts

I read “Top 48 US Companies Files Legal Challenge to Block H-1B Visa Changes.” The write up states:

Nearly 46 leading US companies and business organizations, including tech giants Apple, Google, Twitter and Facebook, representing and working with key sectors of the US economy, have filed an amicus brief that supports a legal challenge to block upcoming rule changes to H-1B visa eligibility.

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ROBERT STEELE: This is a four-part problem.

Part 1: The Deep State and its agents the CIA and FBI in close collaboration with MI-5, MI-6, and the Mossad, have spent the last fifty years striving to destroy multiple generations of American youth as well as families and communities.

Part 2: The universities across the USA, including the Ivy League, have turned to shit from a combination of commercialization (Derek Bok wrote about this) and subversion. Idiots are now in charge of the education of our youth, and in the case of sex education, California being a prime example, perverts are exposing our children to all manner of deviance as “normal.” There is nothing normal about pedophiliia, transvestites, bestiality, or Satanism and mind-control.

Part 3: US companies are not US companies. They are lazy about human capital and not at all committed to creating a strong smart nation rooted in an informed engaged public.  They have “gone along” with the Deep State Cultural Maxist push for massive unfettered immigration because it has been cheaper to hire highly motived self-starters from overseas than to address  the problem of entitled dumb asses coming of decades of social promotion.

Part 4: The US does not have a national strategy for human capital. There is no concept for universal service including cripples and retards; no concept for ensuring that education includes civics and ethics as well as art and music and physical fitness; no concept for sharply punishing censorship and misinformation (e.g. the lies about the Middle East funded by Zionist Israel using Zionist penetrations of the US Department of Education) or lies about the rest of the world managed by the Pilgrim Society and the traitors being managed by MI-5 and MI-6 on behalf of the City of London.

Hans Morgenthau has it right in Politics Among Nations. You are what you eat and you are the sum of your public's intelligence, integrity, and imagination.

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