Yoda: Alert Reader on Trump Winning in House – and a Challenger

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Alert Reader writes in:

Despite unprecedented media hype in the US, which gives victory to Biden, the presidential election game is far from over. The legal situation is as follows:

1 – There is no dispute in 44 states. In these states. Trump has 232 Electoral Votes (EV) and Biden 227.

2 – There is a dispute in 6 states: Michigan (16 EV) Wisconsin (10) Pennsylvania (20) Georgia (16) Arizona (11) and Nevada (6). For a total of 79 EV or (votes)

3 – In these States, audits are being done before the Legislatures of these States, which designate the electors.

4 – Proceedings are also brought before the courts by Trump's lawyers.

5 – It is possible that some Legislatures will refuse to send EV to Washington on December 14, 2020 before the Senate and the House of Representatives, if fraud is proven. What is at issue is mainly electronic voting and a Canadian company specializing in such elections, Dominion, is at the heart of the dispute. In Canada and Quebec, electronic voting is not allowed. In the USA each state has its own system. Trump pleads that there was manipulation of the data planned by the Democratic camp with the help of the Californian “Big Tech”.

6 – If no candidate obtains a majority of 270 EV, the 12th amendment will be applied. The Senate (Republican) will appoint the Vice President and the House of Representatives (Democrat) will elect the President on January 6, 2020.

7 – There is a catch, however, for Democrats. In this vote, each state is entitled to one vote and at this level Trump has the advantage since he holds a state majority.

8 – Last possible scenario: the Supreme Court takes legal action and in this case Trump still has the advantage (6 Republicans against 3 Democrats).
Moral: You must not sell the skin of the bear before having killed it.

Phi Beta Iota: The individual below is saying that the NEW Congress will vote on procedures and in all likehood NOT confirm President Trump.  The new Congress is not installed until 20 January 2021. The question of whether the old or new Congress is the one voting on the Presidency is not clear to us.

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