Review: Capitol Hill’s Criminal Underground – The Most Thorough Exploration of Government Corruption Ever Put in Writing – Trillions of Dollars Stolen

5 Star, Banks, Fed, Money, & Concentrated Wealth, Congress (Failure, Reform), Crime (Corporate), Crime (Government), Executive (Partisan Failure, Reform), Justice (Failure, Reform)

5 Star – A Single Businessman Documents A Single Case

This is not a typical book by a  typical author. This is a briefing by one very skilled businessman focused on one very specific case that indicts the Puerto Rican government and energy company, the FBI and DOJ, and the US Congress as well as all major banks and the three credit rating companies.

It is compelling.

Let's start with his graphic on page 69. While the author is focused on how the US Government enables trilliion dollar thefts I think he has this upside down.

The Rothschilds and the 1% who control the banks and the credit rating agencies use them to loot the public including pension plans in every possible way.  They bribe the politicians — the best of the servant class who in turn neutralize the law enforcement agencies (some of whose leaders are also bribed and in some cases blackmailed or embroiled in murderous pedophilia.

That's my view.  Now here are a few quotes to frame the value of this book.

Entry Page: There is enough evidence in  this book to investigate and procesute over one thousand high ranking government employees, bankers, and politicians.

Page 30: The ratings agencies, the banks and our politicians were funding anti-American activity against their own people and they couldn't care less.

Page 37: Criminals who know  they will never be investigated, arrested, or prosecuted will only get more emboldened.

Page 43: The global credit market in aggregate is about 3 times the size of the global stock market. Worldwide, the bond/credit market is $81 trillion dollars.

Page 47: …the three big credit agencies are criminal enterprises and their board of directors and executives are criminals.   . . .   they sell fabricated or fraudulent credit ratings for higher fees.

Page 61: Based on the behavior of the FBI and the Department of Justice, it is pretty clear to the victims that the FBI and DOJ are fully involved criminal co-conspirators in this massive, trillion-dollar, criminal enterprise.

Page 71: Let's talk specifically about the role the big three credit agencies play (Moody's, Fitch, and S&P). In my mind, they are the hub in the wheel of this alleged criminal organization.

Page 76: If people go to jail for many years for stealing ten thousand dollars, how long should someone go to jail for stealing trillions of dollars?

Page 99: It really is an indication, a commentary, on how broke the Department of Justice is. Everyone in charge appears to have been appointed with the understanding that certain criminal activities are to be overlooked.

Page 109: Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, not only apparently refuses to prosecute big Wall Street firms and others, but he is promoting policies to reduce fines for those who commit these financial felonies.

Page 109: Out politicians hold Americans sin such low regard and with such disdain that little effort was made to hide much of the criminal activity coming out of Washington.  And why not? The politicians control all the levers of power, including our Justice System.

Pages 122-123: Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Robert Muller, and James Comey listed as the top executives in US  Government enabling trillions of dollars in theft.

Page 223: Total losses due to fraudulent credit ratings on Mortgage Bonds: 8-12 trillion dollars!; Total losses dues  to fraudulent credit ratings on Detroit Bonds: 18 billion dollars!; Total losses due to fraudulent credit ratings on Puerto Rico bonds: 70 billion dollars! Number of prosecutions, zero U.S. bankers, zero U.S. government employees, zero politicians!

The book ends with some specific recommendations that will never materialize absent #UNRIG Electoral Reform Act.


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