Ann Delap: Human Cloning, Drones (Parasited Hosts) And Vril (Subterranean Lizards). This Is The Donald Marshall Story

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Human Cloning, Drones (parasited Hosts) And Vril (subterranean Lizards)… This Is The Donald Marshall Story

If you want to take a deep dive into the rabbit hole of cloning, there is nothing more bizarre than the story of Donald Marshall.  If true, this man’s life has been a living nightmare.  He claims to have been cloned numerous times and used as a sex slave and object of physical abuse by a group of psychopathic individuals with Illuminati connections.  These people include royalty, politicians, actors, musicians, celebrities and those in powerful positions from every walk of life.  Donald survived partly because he was good at coming up with original songs to entertain everyone with.  He claims to have written many of the songs attributed to famous rock, rap and country bands, but never given credit for them.

Not surprisingly, many of those he names who have used and abused clones for entertainment are individuals who are alleged to be involved in satanic ritual abuse and the use of adrenochrome. Clone camps exist where “parties” are held.  Sometimes cloned children are raped and tortured in an arena-like space with hundreds of spectators.  When a clone has been killed or gravely injured, they are simply discarded and a new one created.  The technology exists to hijack the consciousness of a person (often in the middle of the night as they sleep) and implant it into his/her clone.  This assures that the clone exhibits the desired personality and attributes of the original.  After the “party” is over, the consciousness is returned to its original owners body with its memory erased.  Over time, however, many will remember the atrocities committed against their clones and suffer nightmares and extreme mental distress.

Apparently, cloning is an alien technology that has fallen into the hands of the WRONG people who are using it for their own nefarious purposes.  Much like time travel, zero point energy and cures for disease, this information has been withheld from the people.  Instead of using cloning technology to create new organs and limbs for paraplegics (although this has been done for the elites), they use it to provide sick entertainment for themselves and perpetuate the lives of individuals who are useful to the Cabal (like certain politicians, scientists and influencers).

Another thing that Marshall has revealed is the existence of a group he calls “Vril lizards”.  Check out the following from his website:

“Vril lizards are one of the world's best kept secrets. They are ancient, subterranean lizards. World leaders, celebrities, and the elite are not only aware of these carnivorous, sometimes parasitic, vile creatures, they enable them! Vril have an ancient agenda to dominate and they work to fulfill that agenda with the human beings they infect with their parasite, a process called droning.  The secret of vril lizards, although not so secret anymore, is part of the knowledge attained at the highest levels of secret societies, groups, clubs, etc.”

This sounds a lot like the Reptilian aliens that William Tompkins claims assisted the Nazis in developing space technology during WWII.  According to Corey Goode and others, these creatures occupy many of the DUMBs that exist all over the world, including Antarctica.  In the Cosmic Agency series, the Taygeteans say that Atlantis was colonized by a Reptilian race who warred with Lemuria.  After both civilizations were destroyed by the Great Flood, it was the Reptilian survivors who emerged ultimately to regain control of the planet and enslave the remaining population.

I’ll admit, it’s a story that boggles the mind!  Don’t read before bedtime – it will give you nightmares.



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