Dave Hodges: Arizona as Role Model for Election Fraud Data & Remedy

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Arizona Is Role Modeling What America Must Do to Stop the Communist Takeover of Our Nation

19 Indicators of Massive Arizona Voter Fraud listed below.

  1. From Sidney Powell: “We’ve got one witness that says in Arizona at least there were 35,000 votes added to every Democratic candidate just to start their voting off.”
  2. Most Democratic voters received in the mail at least 6-20 extra ballots which allowed them to vote multiple times.
  3. Numerous felons were allowed to vote.
  4. People using vacant lot addresses as they were allowed to vote.
  5. County Buildings including the address for Secretary of State and the Board of Supervisors and their addresses were used by illegal voters
  6. Ballot harvesting took place at Senior Citizen centers and valid signatures were missing.
  7. One voter was 112 years old
  8. Six people over 80, living on a vacant lot with no services voted
  9. People over 80 using the address of Arizona State University voted
  10. People over 80 using the address of Arizona University voted
  11. People over 80 using the address of Arizona State University voted
  12. People over 80 using the address of Northern Arizona University voted
  13. People over 80 using the address of Grand Canyon University voted
  14. Hundreds of people with no address were allowed to vote
  15. Hundreds of people with just an electric bill for identification were allowed to vote
  16. Thousands of out of state and illegal alien voters cast votes
  17. As covered by Ethan Huff from Newstarget, tens of thousands of ballots were flown into Maricopa County from out of state and were counted in the election
  18. Dominion voting machines were used in Arizona
  19. Governor Ducey and AZ Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, are complicit in this coverup. Hobbs called Trump a Nazi on Twitter
  20. In Thursday’s article, a connection will be made to the Nashville bombing

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