Martin Geddes: Open Your Mind to Change – A Guidebook to the Great Awakening [Foreword by Robert Steele] – Absolutely Essential Reading for Every Person of Conscience on Earth

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Open Your mind TO CHANGE: A guidebook to the Great Awakening

  • Preface
  • Why I Am Optimistic About the Future
  • The Great Awakening
  • The Storm: How To Prepare For a Global Corruption Purge?
  • Crossing The Schism
  • Dark And Light: The Revolution Within
  • The Silent War And Digital Soldiers
  • Death Of A SuperMafia
  • CoronaGate: The Scandal To End All Scandals
  • The Wars Of Perception Of Heaven And Hell
  • The Digital Coup And The Great Exposure



Foreword by Robert Steele Full Text Below


Robert David Steele

I first became aware of Martin Geddes after I overcame my skepticism with respect to the Q phenomenon and the related Anons – two different groups of people, one official and small, the other much larger and volunteer in nature.

There were three major influences upon me when the time came for me to appreciate the wit and wisdom and deep integrity and intelligence of Martin Geddes:

First, I have known Mike Flynn personally since 2014 and while we have never discussed Q because Mike has been enjoined from multiple forms of engagement during his imposed purgatory, it became clear to me over a year ago that Mike Flynn’s fingerprints were all over Q. Q is, as my CWO-4 mentor from my time in Afghanistan in 2013 has suggested, the single greatest information operation for peace and in the public interest in modern history.

Second, my own examination of Q posts and related Anons from 2017 and 2018, in 2019 and 2020, persuaded me that the factual depth and breadth of Q could not be denied. Then I met Sidney Powell and two others with direct contact with the White House, and I began to see the endgame for what Martin calls “the Silent War” that has been won by the White Hats against the Deep State. The end of what Martin calls “pathocracy” is here and I am seeing nothing less than Nuremberg trials forthcoming – not just military tribunals in the USA against US traitors but international Nuremberg-like trials for the combined crime against humanity known as the COVID weapon of mass destruction, weapon of mass disruption, and weapon of mass deception. The global economy has been wrecked, and society gutted, by design.

Third, and least important, have been my own experiences as a former spy and professional intelligence officer last responsible for creating the newest national intelligence analysis capability in the USA, the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, who has also been, by chance, the top reviewer of non-fiction books in English, with over 2,000 reviewed across 98 domains. This allows me to say with absolute conviction that all of my experience on the dark side, and all of my reading on the light side, totally validate everything that Martin Geddes is putting forward.

I have interviewed Martin Geddes on video twice, I have read his articles on Q as well as this work of aggregated short pieces from the past, and despite our both being deplatformed by the criminal media elements in service to the Deep State, I can say with some measure of confidence that his voice and his vision place him easily in the top dozen among all whom I know.

Here are the highlights from this particular work that make it, in my view, absolutely essential reading for every person of conscience on the Earth:

01 He opens with remarks on ponerology – the study of evil and its underlying psychopathy.

02 He connects the prevalence of evil to the rise of the pathocracy.

03 He outlines the manner in which our information ecology is rigged to support evil.

04 He appreciates that truth is naturally self-consistent (i.e., zero maintenance cost).

05 His optimism stems in part from the raw fact that lies require a great deal of effort to maintain, so they implode when faced with an alternative media ecology.

06 The abdication of humanity to the mandarins of money is literal insanity at scale.

07 White hats have been laboring toward a global purge of corruption for decades.

08 Institutionalized crime is civilian in nature – the uniformed military is its counter-balance.

09 The Silent War is not a political war – it is a spiritual war seeking to restore public good.

10 Institutionalized fraud is being terminated, including war, non-profits, and foreign aid.

11 Humanity, morality, and identity are central to the public’s inevitable triumph.

12 The loss of legitimacy across the media – both mass and social – is the beginning of the end.

13 The loss of legitimacy within academia – both social and scientific – deepens the collapse of evil.

14 Do not under-estimate the resilience and power of the human spirit.

15 The White Hats are setting the stage for freedom – but only you can actualize your freedom.

16 This is at root an information war – a silent war with digital soldiers, memes as bullets, and social media as the machine gun.

17 Satanic pedophilia is the “glue” for the supermafia – and it includes cannibalism.

18 Knowledge hoarding and deliberate myth-building have protected the supermafia.

19 COVID-19 is the ultimate global crime against humanity and will bring down the supermafia.

20 Our objective is to restore truth and virtue as the foundation for human society.

21 The digital coup – and our readiness to document and expose it – is the coup d’grace.

22 From the Great Exposures come not the Great Reset but the Great Upset.

Robert David Steele

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Book is offered free in PDF and DOC as well as for sale in collector's hard copy.


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