Martin Geddes & Robert Steele on Web 3.0

Advanced Cyber/IO, Autonomous Internet

The beginning of a significant conversation?


The conversation we maybe should have on camera is about redesigning the Internet for the post-Trump Golden Age ahead.

Topics include:

– Current Internet is “just a prototype” (and even quantum comms tech as transport doesn't change it)
– The need for self-sovereign identity for all services — builds off my research at the Hypervoice Consortium
– The “Guardian Avatar” as the browser for a new “hypersense” world beyond the hypertext Web
– New enabling architecture (Recursive Internet)
– New enabling science and mathematics (∆Q algebra as ; quality transport agreements)
– Redo of the regulatory environment (“says what it does, does what it says”) — “not neutrality”
– Rethink of copyright as “reward right”; game theory the problem instead of current blunt instrument.
– And open source everything — transparency over secrecy, trust over surveillance, identity protection over identity harvesting



This is BRILLIANT.  I have done some work with others including Steve Arnold.

Indeed, we could do a call to arms publication for Amazon as you expand your brand and public appreciation for your technical acumen.

Here is stuff I have cobbled together:

See the attached graphic particularly.

Take the lead on this, tell me how you wish to proceed. I have others who could join us for a video series, you as the moderator if you wish, such as “Identity Woman” Kaliya Young,

“Identity Woman”

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