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REDACTED (USAF Aviator Call Sign),

It is quite nice to have an email from you this morning. I am worried but hopeful. All my weak signals suggest Trump triumphs in the House with 38 votes out of 50 up from 27. Unlike 2016 when Senators refused to support Democratic challenges to state electors for Trump, we now have Rand Paul and Ted Cruz on strip alert to do precisely that — and dueling electors from the swing states, see the map at the top of

I tried very hard to get a movie on election fraud funded, with nightly 15 minute shows going toward 6 January, but I was unsuccessful

Robert Steele: Concept for a Movie on Election & Media Fraud + What Next

Public education is where Trump has not done well. Everything else appears to be going by script.

Supreme Court may get a new case on Monday they must decide by Friday, they do not choose the winner they simply concur that there is a sufficiency of fraud to warrant referral to the House for final adjudication.

Republican legislatures in the swing states have also been given a final chance to reject the electors selected by the EXECUTIVE on the basis of a fraudulent election, and exercise their Constitutional mandate to select their own electors based on their sovereign mandate as a LEGISLATURE.

Harris has not quit the Senate and DoD has cut off the Biden transition. DNI Report should conclusively establish foreign intervention that gives the President a basis for implementing Insurrection Act and Martial Law selectively, to seize all the Dominion servers and arrest all the electors and election fraud facilitators including Governors certifying known fraud. I believe NSA has by name (supposedly NSA not only tracked legal ballots with GPS enabled watermarks, but also tracked all cell phones touching bundles of ballots).

OathKeepers: Open Letter to President Trump – You Must Use Insurrection Act to “Stop the Steal” and Defeat the Coup

Robert Steele: Martial Law Primer — Needed Now Along with Insurrection Act

Patrick Byrne has proven to be a change maker and helped President Trump when the President was betrayed by his own Chief of Staff and legal team that blocked over 5,000 pieces of electoral fraud evidence from reaching the President. That seems to be on its way to being sorted out and Sidney Powell could become a special prosecutor.

It is significant for me that the Deputy AG is a Military Judge who also served in the 82nd Airborne with Mike Flynn.

My latest to the President, which will complete legal review in Houston on Monday, will be delivered on Wednesday to Mar A Lago, WH, and via electronic means is below:

Memorandum for the President #6: $100 Trillion in Illicit Wealth Immediately Confiscatable from Wall Street

I also have volume four in the Pedophilia & Empire series coming out in January, and volume five by March, to be followed I hope by a movie documentary that blows up the Deep State's penchant for Satanic pedophilia everything is free at, note the tag cloud featuring the Rothschilds, Mossad, Murdochs, and others. I think Epstein is alive and will be rolled out along with Assange and Snowden, at just the right time.

Not holding my breath on the Open Source Agency. They should have pulled the trigger on my ideas in April when I published and submitted directly to the WH (it clearly did not reach POTUS), my Memorandum for the President: The Resurrection of the USA — Your Legacy, 200 Years, Must Be Systemic.

Perhaps it is not meant to be. Meanwhile The Steele Report continues to grow with an international subscriber base, enough to pay the rent and feed the family after I cover the considerable expenses of staff and software and cyber-security. If I do get the OSA, there will certainly be an NDU footprint including Peace College, Inter-Agency Development Command, and a research/outreach node.

On balance, I think America is about to be healed. I do worry that Trump will lose his nerve and fold at the last minute, we will not have another chance like this again UNLESS JFK Jr. is alive and emerges with Trump's backing to challenge an illegitimate Biden Administration. If Trump is confirmed, the violence by the posers will be contained. If Biden is for any reason actually inaugurated, there will be righteous bloodshed across the country and the governors of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin will need to go into hiding for the rest of their lives. Hundreds of others will face vigilante justice.

We live in interesting times! Most interesting to me has been the way Sidney Powell now has an international following calling her Joan of Arc 2.0, and the President has crowds chanting his praises from Australia to Nigeria to Zimbabwe. This is a GLOBAL battle between good and evil, I pray it will be settled quickly, it had clearly been a long time in coming.

The below book is recommended for holiday reading, now available at Amazon, I was honored to write the Foreword that is also a summary.

Martin Geddes: Open Your Mind to Change – A Guidebook to the Great Awakening [Foreword by Robert Steele] – Absolutely Essential Reading for Every Person of Conscience on Earth

La bataille finale s'est engagée,

Semper Fidelis,
Flash [USMC aviation nickname, Steele is NOT an aviator]

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